Acorns Promotions: $5 – $20 Sign Up Bonuses Promo 2022

Find the latest promotions and bonuses from Acorns here. More referral deals here.

Acorns is a an app that lets you invest your “spare change” by rounding up the purchases you make with linked debit and credit cards. Once your roundups reach $5, Acorns withdraws the money and invests it in your personalized stock portfolio. Compare Acorns with, Astra and Qapital. Also, see the current bonus offer from J.P. Morgan.

Fees for the service range from $1 to $3 a month, depending on which package you choose.

Let’s review current offers from Acorns below.

Featured Investing Promotions

Chase Total Checking $200 Bonus 2022

Acorns $15 Investment Bonus

  • What you’ll get: $15 bonus
  • Where it’s available: Nationwide
  • How to earn it:
    • Invest spare change from everyday purchases in an expert-built, diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and now a Bitcoin ETF.
    • Sign up bonus is exclusively for new customers who have not previously opened an Investment Account.
    • $15 bonus is redeemed by setting up an Acorns investment account and making your first investment ($5 minimum).
    • Account approval is contingent on verification and approval pursuant to regulatory requirements.
  • When it expires: Ongoing

Acorns Promotion: $5 & $20 Sign Up & Unlimited $5 Referral Bonuses

Use a link below to sign up and receive a $5 or $20 bonus. Once your account is approved and you invest at least $5, you’ll qualify for the bonus.

Once you have an account open, you can start making referrals and earn $5 for each. Find your referral link by tapping the “Invite Friends, Get $5” option in the app or through the “Invite Friends” option on

Use these links for your initial sign-up bonus:

Fine Print

  • To receive the bonus, your Acorns account must be open and in good standing at the time of the reward payment.
  • Acorns reserves the right to restrict or revoke this offer at any time.
  • Referral amount subject to change at the discretion of Acorns Advisors, LLC.

Bottom Line

If you’re new to investing or don’t have much to invest, Acorns may be a good option. Its micro-savings service won’t affect your lifestyle.

Acorn’s referral bonuses can add up quickly. Plug your special Acorns referral link everywhere, and you might end up with a big chunk of change. Click below for the sign-up offer.

If you want a more “serious” way to invest with larger deposit amounts, you should consider one of the popular Automated Investing services (a.k.a. Robo-Advisors) like Betterment, WealthSimple, Personal Capital or Wealthfront.

Acorns Promotion: $50/$100 Referral Bonuses

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Once you have an active Acorns account, you can invite friends to join to earn a referral bonus.

  • Each time someone becomes a new Acorns subscriber and sets up an Acorns Invest account using your personal invitation code or referral link that you shared with them during the promotional period (July 17 – July 23, 2022) in accordance with the eligibility criteria below, referrer will receive a $100 investment by Acorns in their Acorns Invest account.
  • Each new eligible Acorns subscriber referred by you during the promotional period (July 17 – July 23, 2022) who completes the set up of their Acorns Invest account and makes a first investment within fourteen (14) days after the end of the Promotional Period will receive a $50 investment by Acorns in their Acorns Invest account.
  • These rewards will be made each time you and your referral meet the eligibility criteria below in accordance with the Acorns Referral Agreement.
  • Limit $600 in bonuses per Referrer.

See the offer terms here.

Acorns New Monthly Promotion: $400 For Referral(s)

Once you’ve got an Acorns account open, you can take advantage of their new monthly offers. In your account, go to the Invite Friends option in your dashboard.

  • Referral awards are made at the sole discretion of Acorns. 
  • All referrals must be made in accordance with the Acorns Referral Agreement and Referral Promotion Terms and Conditions.
  • Limit one Bonus per Referrer.
  • Rewards for inviting friends to join Acorns are a limited time offer.
  • Rewards are in the form of a purchase of investments in your Acorns portfolio.
  • Shares are purchased once your friend’s account is approved and they have completed their first investment.
  • To be eligible for the reward, the persons you refer must use your personal invitation code when they sign up.
  • Acorns defines an account in good standing as a verified investment account with a successful investment.
  • If a gift card is used for an initial investment by the Referrer or Referee, a bank account must be linked as a funding source, and an initial investment must be made from that funding source.
  • Acorns reserves the right to restrict or revoke this offer at any time. Referral amount subject to change at discretion of Acorns Advisers, LLC.

See the offer terms here.

[Expired] Acorns Checking Account Bonus: $75 Offer

  • What you’ll get: $75 bonus
  • Where it’s available: Nationwide
  • How to earn it:
    • Set up your Acorns Checking account with the link below.
    • Set up Acorns Checking as your direct deposit method with your employer.
    • Receive 2 direct deposits of at least $250 per deposit and spend at least $500 from your Checking account within 3 months of your 1st qualifying deposit
    • Your $75 bonus will be deposited into your account within 45 days.
  • When it expires: 5/31/2022

The Monthly Fee

  • Acorns Subscription Fees are assessed based on the tier of services in which you are enrolled.  
  • Currently Acorns offers two different subscription tiers: $3/month for the individual and $5/month for a family with an unlimited number of kids.

Fine Print

  • The following debit card based transactions will qualify towards the $500 spending requirement: (1) card swipe transactions/chip reader transactions and 2) online card purchases.
  • The qualifying Direct Deposits must be made by the individual’s employer, payroll provider, or benefits payer by Automated Clearing House (ACH) deposit.
  • Bank ACH transfers, verification or trial deposits from financial institutions, peer to peer transfers from services such as PayPal, Cash App, or Venmo, mobile check deposits, and cash loads or deposits are not qualifying Direct Deposits.
  • The $75 reward will be invested as a lump sum in the form of a purchase of investments in your Acorns Invest account within 45 days of qualifying for this promotion.
  • Your Acorns Invest and Checking accounts must be open, verified, and in good standing at the time of reward fulfillment.
  • This offer is only available to the recipient and is not transferable.
  • A customer will only be eligible to receive this $75 Direct Deposit reward one time.
  • This offer may not be combined with any existing Direct Deposit promotions.

Bottom Line

The bonus amount isn’t eye-popping but considering it is available nationwide, it is worth your effort if you’re already a subscriber. There is no way to waive the $3 or $5 monthly subscription fee with this checking account.

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