Bakkt Promotions: $5 BTC Bonus Offer Promo 2022

For a limited time, Bakkt ( is offering a $5 bonus in bitcoin for first-time crypto buyers.

Bakkt combines all your Bitcoin, Ethereum, points, miles, rewards, and gift cards into a single digital wallet on your iOS or Android device. The app promises to make your money flexible, letting you use BTC to purchase a laptop from Best Buy or sell your HawaiianMiles to reload your Starbucks gift card. Let’s dig into Bakkt and their current ETH offer below.

Featured Investing Promotions

Chase Total Checking $200 Bonus 2022

First-time crypto buyers can receive $5 BTC as a bonus with this offer.

  • Limit one offer per customer.
  • Offer limited to first-time crypto buyers only.
  • Crypto purchases valid for this offer include bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Incentive reward will be in bitcoin regardless of crypto purchased.
  • After qualifying for the reward, $5 in bitcoin will be deposited into the customer’s Bakkt account. Bakkt employees excluded. Eligibility for the offer will be solely determined by Bakkt.
  • At any time, with or without cause, Bakkt may modify or terminate the offer without prior notice and with no liability. 

[Expired] Bakkt Bonus: $10 ETH Offer

Enjoy a $10 bonus in Ethereum when you buy $25 worth of ETH. This offer is limited to the first 100,000 customers and ends on March 4, 2022 at 11:59pm ET.

Bakkt Features

bakkt app

Bakkt is an app where you can buy, sell, and send digital assets, track and convert points and miles from select rewards and loyalty programs, and send gift cards and cash to family and friends. All on one platform. Let’s go into more detail below.

  • Cryptocurrency. Buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum easily and with no transaction fees.
  • Rewards. Link supported rewards and loyalty programs to buy and sell your points and miles.
  • Gift Cards. Manage all your gift cards in one place, purchase more with your crypto or cash, or send one to a friend. Choose from 100+ brands, many of which are at a discount.
  • Payments. Easily spend your Bitcoin or cash balance with the virtual Bakkt Visa Debit Card. Pay in-store, online, or wherever Apple Pay and Google Pay is accepted. You can also make transfers to your friend in crypto or cash, even if they’re not a Bakkt user.

The app dashboard shows your cryptocurrency, loyalty points, rewards, and gift cards in one single view.

Bakkt Loyalty Partners

Other loyalty partners include most major credit card issuers, Starbucks, Office Depot, and many more. Bakkt members also benefit with discounts from partner merchants, like Home Depot and Subway.

Bottom Line

Bakkt makes it easy to manage, track, and spend your digital assets, rewards, and gift cards. If you decide to sign up, make sure to take advantage of the bonuses being offered.

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