Beagle: Find Your Old 401(k)s With Hassle-Free Rollover Promo 2022

Beagle is a free online service that finds your old 401(k)s and rolls them over to a better retirement account with fewer fees. The site consolidates your retirement money, so you don’t have to worry about tracking your 401(k)s ever again. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Beagle.

Beagle Features

beagle 401k features

The average person changes jobs every four years, and the average 401(k) account is worth $112,300. That means one lost account can take a real toll on your retirement. Beagle is a free site that tracks down all your old 401(k)s for you. Registration takes only three minutes, and rolling over accounts is easy with just one click, saving you the effort and hassle of tracking all your 401(k)s.

On top of that, the average 401(k) account charges 0.97% or more in fees. That’s quite high considering it could cost you a total of 28% of your retirement money. Beagle searches for all the fees you’re paying, so you know exactly how much you’re losing. According to the company, they can help you cut your fees by 3x and save you thousands of dollars.

And last but not least, Beagle lets you unlock your old 401(k)s and IRA, so you can borrow against them at 0% net interest. It’s a good alternative to high-interest credit cards and personal loans.

Bottom Line

Beagle finds your old 401(k)s, offers hassle-free rollover to an IRA, and consolidates your retirement money for free.

Blooom is another 401(k) service. The platform uses a combination of human advisors and automation to manage your retirement plans on your behalf. They’re currently offering a $20 Amazon Gift Card welcome bonus.


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