Clture Data Monetization Promotions: $5 Welcome Bonus & Give $5, Get $5 Referrals Promo 2022

Clture ( is welcoming new members with a $5 cash bonus (referral link required). Get an additional $5 cash bonus for every person who claims their welcome reward using your unique referral link.

Data drives companies to determine what is trendy and marketable. Your data is valuable, and Clture was created so you can own your information and get paid for the content you stream. For more on Clture and their current offers, keep reading.

Clture $5 Welcome Bonus

Get a $5 cash drop when you use a referral link to join Clture. This offer is valid for new members only.

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Clture Give $5, Get $5 Referral Program

Invite your friends to Clture, and enjoy an additional $5 cash bonus for every person who uses your unique referral link to claim their welcome reward. To participate, sign into your account, go to the menu on the top left and click on “Invites.”

How Clture Works

Since the onset of COVID-19, the pandemic has forced millions to be homebound, and streaming sites have experienced record-setting viewing numbers. With that comes a bounty of information collected on viewers and their habits. Clture attempts to get users like you in on the business by giving you a chunk of the money made off of selling your data. Information gathered is anonymized and includes the things you watch or listen to, such as artists, actors, genres, streaming platforms, user activity and more.

The service provides a streamlined way to create a Data License that says you own your data. Clture can also act as a proxy and do third-party data requests for you. When you get your hands on your data, upload the file to Clture. A patent-pending algorithm crunches the numbers and spits out how much your data is worth. You can then decide if you want to sell it or not. It’s also up to you to determine how often you want to get payouts: every month or every quarter.

Bottom Line

Clture believes that your streaming data is yours and that you should get some money for it. As a member, Clture will help you create a Data License, which allows you to sell your data as you please.

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