Coinrule ( Review: Easy Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Promo 2022

Coinrule ( is a user-friendly, automated, trading bot platform that caters to both newbies and experienced traders. It comes with a wide range of tools so you can easily set and define rules and conditions for when and how to trade, no coding required. Or, you can choose from over 150 trading templates available.

Coinrule offers four plans, starting from the Starter membership (free) to the Pro subscription ($449.99/month).


  • Easy-to-use, even for beginners
  • 150+ trading strategy templates
  • Multiple subscription plans
  • Works with most popular cryptocurrency exchanges

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Coinrule Features

Coinrule lets you automate your trading by incorporating “if/then” parameters which are easy to understand. It’s a simple and intuitive platform that’s user-friendly and completely free of coding as well as complicated terminology. A modular setup lets you make changes and adjustments quickly, to configure any rule you created or tweak any template strategy. And you can backtest before launching on your favorite exchange.

How to Get Started

Coinrule also features:

Trading Strategies. On top of trading strategy templates, Coinrule also provides daily emails with free trading signals to help you adjust your strategies and create new rules.

Supported Exchanges. Coinrule currently supports the following cryptocurrency exchanges, which can be linked with API integration: Bitfinex, Binance, Binance US, BitMEX, Bitpanda Pro, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, HitBTC, Kraken, Liquid, Okex and Poloniex.

Security. API keys are encrypted with advanced security protocols, and private keys are stored on segregated data storage that’s also encrypted. API keys that connect to your exchange account do not allow for withdrawal rights.

Customer Support. The knowledge base includes a Help Center, blog and FAQ section. Support is also available via live chat, email and social media.

Coinrule Plans & Pricing

Coinrule Offers

Coinrule does not apply additional fees on trades, so the fixed subscription fee is the total cost you will pay for the service.

Bottom Line

Coinrule lets you easily set and define rules and condition for when to trade and how to trade. The service includes more than 150 trading strategy templates, making it easy for anyone to dip their toes into the world of automated crypto trading.

We recommend signing up for a free Starter account and testing out the service to see if paying for a subscription plan is worth your while. If you find that Coinrule suits your trading needs, you can upgrade your plan to connect to more exchanges and access more powerful trading tools.

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