Copper – Banking for Teenagers: $12 Sign-Up Bonus + $3 Referrals

Copper offers banking with a debit card for teenagers and parents to help teens learn about money and develop financial responsibility.

Anybody can sign up for a Copper account, and if you are under 18, you will just need a parent or guardian to join.

When you sign up for Copper, teens get a Copper debit card, which can be used to shop in-store, online, or with Apple Pay.

Parents can track a teenager’s spending habits, and money can be sent instantly between parents and teens as well as between friends.

Copper is 100% free for customers, with no minimum balance requirements, no monthly membership fees, no domestic card transaction fees, no ATM fees, and no ACH bank transfer fees.

Plus, the Copper Refer-A-Friend Program offers a $1/$3 bonus to both parties for sharing Copper with friends.

On top of that, Copper is offering a $2 bonus when you make your first $10 minimum opening deposit, and an additional $10 bonus when you make your first purchase with your new Copper debit card.

For teens who want to learn financial responsibility and take control of your money, try Copper banking for teenagers.

Copper Banking $12 Sign-Up Bonus

Copper banking is currently offering 2 different bonus offers for new customers.

When you join Copper and make an initial deposit for $10 or more, you will receive a $2 bonus reward.

After you make your first purchase on your new Copper debit card, you will receive an additional $10 bonus reward.

With these 2 offers combined, new Copper users will earn $12 in total rewards when you join Copper.

Please note that while these offers are not readily displayed on the Copper website, you can find the $10 bonus promoted on @CopperBanking on Twitter and the $2 bonus mentioned Here, where you’ll also find a current Copper user’s referral link. However, no expiration dates are provided for these offers, so these offers may end at any time.

Copper $1/$3 Refer-A-Friend Bonus

Once you join Copper, you can refer new members to Copper banking to share bonus rewards with your friends.

To refer your friends, you must share your unique Copper referral link that can be found within the Copper App.

When your friends join Copper through your referral link, you will both earn a $1 or $3 bonus reward.

There is no limit to the amount of people that you can refer or the rewards that you can earn for sharing Copper.

Please note that the Copper Referral FAQs indicate that the referral bonus is only $1, while the image on the Copper homepage indicates a $3 referral bonus, so your offer may vary.

If you have a Copper account, please feel free to share your experiences along with your referral links and additional information about your referral bonus in the below comments.

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