in Bonus: $25 Welcome Offer & $25 Referrals Promo 2022

Find promotions and offers here. Get $25 USD in CRO when you sign up with a referral link. Earn up to 12% per annum paid weekly in your crypto. Receive up to 5% back on all spending with your Metal Visa Card. And lastly, get $25 USD in CRO for every person you refer to the cryptocurrency platform. More referral promos here. Other investment offers here.

Buy, sell, send, track and pay in over 50 different coins via With no markups and zero fees, you’ll be able to buy cryptocurrencies at its true cost.

Keep reading for more on products and its current offers.

Featured Investing Promotions Bonus: $25 Welcome Offer

Get $25 USD in CRO locked in your CRO wallet when you complete registration using our referral link. You can also enter our promo code “54bfjg9vzj“.

Unlock your bonus by staking CRO for a Visa Card. Once you have an account opened and verified you can make referrals and earn $25 USD in CRO per referral. Bonus: $10 Welcome Offer

Earn $10 USD with a new account when you use the link below to sign up. The offer code cro10 is automatically applied.

This can’t be combined with the $25 referral offer above. Offer: $25 Referral Bonuses

Get $25 USD in CRO for every person who completes registration using your referral link or code, passes verification, and stakes CRO for their Metal Visa Card. Each of your referrals also gets $25 USD in CRO as a welcome offer.

To participate:

  1. Go to your Rewards page in the app by clicking on the gift icon
  2. Tap on “See Details”
  3. Tap on “Share Now” next to your referral code

There is no limit to how many people you can refer, nor how many referral bonuses you can earn. More details on their referral program here. Features offers a variety of products: the wallet, Metal Visa cashback cards, crypto dividends, credit for instant crypto loans, and investment and payment options.

  • Crypto wallet. Separate from the app’s other features, the wallet allows you to store high quantities of digital assets. All you need is your wallet address, then send your crypto to it. As with any crypto wallet, the version lets you send, deposit, and withdraw digital currencies. However, it also has the added feature to make payments directly with any kind of crypto you have in your wallet.
  • Metal Visa cards. To make payments easier, provides Metal Visa Cards. Card benefits vary and depend on how much CRO you have staked.
  • Crypto Earn. Use Crypto Earn within the app to lock up various quantities of digital currencies and earn interest. The rate of interest you get depends on:
    • Whether or not you’re an CRO stakeholder
    • How much CRO you choose to invest, and
    • The length of time you decide to lock it up for
  • Crypto credit. Use your crypto as a form of collateral so you can borrow fiat against it. You need a minimum total of $100 in digital assets with a maximum amount of $1 million.
  • Crypto payments. Make payments directly from your wallet. These transactions are made through the purchase of gift cards from a range of merchants.

Bottom Line offers plenty of products to integrate cryptocurrencies into everyday life. Click below to get started with a crypto bonus.

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