[Expired] BioLife Plasma Services Promotions: $600 New Donor Bonus & $200 Referral Bonus Promo 2022

BioLife ( is welcoming new plasma donors with a $600 bonus for eight plasma donations. You’ll also get a $20 bonus for every new donor you refer to BioLife who brings your invite card to claim their $20 “Buddy Bonus.” More offers on our referral promos page.

BioLife collects high-quality plasma to process into life-saving therapies for serious disorders like hemophilia and immune system deficiencies. Plasma cannot be produced in laboratories or other artificial environments. It must come from healthy adults, so they need plasma donations for these treatments to work. For more on BioLife and their current offers, keep reading.

Chase Total Checking $200 Bonus 2022

BioLife $200 Bonus Referral Offer

  • Print the coupon, and write your name on the Referred by line.
  • Give the coupon to your friend, and have them bring it to their first plasma donation.
  • Get $200 after your friend completes their first successful donation.
  • Offer expires April 30, 2021

BioLife Buddy Bonus Referral Program

Refer a new donor to any BioLife location, and you’ll enjoy a $20 bonus when:

  • The new donor brings your invite card with them to their initial donation.
  • The new donor completes their second successful donation, made within 30 days of their initial donation.

To receive your referral bonus, you must have made a successful donation within the last six months.

[Expired] BioLife $600 New Donor Bonus

New BioLife plasma donors can earn $600 with eight plasma donations. Simply download the BioLife app and enter the promo code DONOR600 during registration. Here’s how the bonus breaks down:

#1 $70
#2 $80
#3 $70
#4 $70
#5 $70
#6 $70
#7 $80
#8 $90

To qualify, your initial donation must be completed by November 7, 2020 and subsequent donations within 30 days after the previous donation.

How BioLife Plasma Donation Works

Before we get into how plasma donation works, let’s first go over eligibility requirements:

Age 18 years or older
Weight 110 pound or more
Health Medical screening
Feel well the day of donation
Proper food & adequate fluid intake
Other Requirements Identification
Proof of Address

When you come to BioLife for your first plasma donation, you’ll go through the following five steps:

  1. You’ll answer some routine personal and health-related questions on their Electronic Donor Questionnaire system to make sure the donation is safe for both you and the receiving patient.
  2. A medical historian will measure your vitals, including weight, pulse and blood pressure.
  3. A phlebotomist will oversee the donation.
  4. You’ll receive compensation on your BioLife debit card.
  5. Schedule your next donation.

Plasma is collected by a plasmapheresis machine, which will alternate between collecting and separating plasma, and returning your blood cells and platelets to your body.

Bottom Line

BioLife lets you earn some pocket money while providing plasma for life-saving treatments.


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