Flashfood – Save Money on Groceries: $5 Free Credit + $7 Referral Rewards

Flashfood offers huge savings on grocery items that are nearing their “Best-Used-By” date, so that you can save money and fight food waste at local grocery stores.

Instead of throwing out expired food into dumpsters, Flashfood lets grocery stores offer massive savings to customers before the food items expire.

Any food bought before the “Best-Used-By” date is fine, and you can typically save around 50% off meats, dairy, bread, fruits, vegetables, desserts, and more.

To use Flashfood, you simply order and pay for your grocery items in the app, and then pick up your order in the Flashfood Zone at the grocery store.

You’ll save money at popular stores like Meijer, Family Fare, Giant, Tops, Hy-Vee and many others, plus you’ll help keep food from entering the landfill.

To get $5 off your first Flashfood order, use this Flashfood $5 Referral Link to download the app and create a free account.

It’s free to use the Flashfood App (iOS and Android), so that you can save money on groceries that are nearing their “Best-Used-Before” date at local stores.

Flashfood Grocery Store Locations

Flashfood is available at select grocery stores across the U.S.A. and Canada:

In the U.S.A.: Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

In Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, P.E.I., Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.

How Flashfood Works

1. Use the free Flashfood App to find discounted food items at your local grocery stores.

2. Choose your food items and complete your checkout in the Flashfood App.

3. Pay directly in the Flashfood App using any major credit card or Visa debit card.

4. Pick up your Flashfood order from the Flashfood Zone at your grocery store.

5. Confirm your order with the customer service desk to finalize the transaction.

$5 Flashfood Credit for New Users

If you are a new user, sign up via this Flashfood $5 Referral Link to get $5 off your first order.

After you use a referral link to join the Flashfood App, you will receive a $5 credit to use toward your first order.

Just place an order of $0.50 or more using Flashfood, and the $5 discount should automatically be applied to your order.

This $5 Flashfood referral discount is only available for new users who are placing their first order.

Flashfood $7 Referral Rewards

Once you create a free Flashfood account, you can participate in their referral program to earn $7 credits for referring your friends.

Every person that you refer gets $5 off their first Flashfood order, and you’ll earn a $7 credit after their first purchase of $0.50 or more, so everybody wins.

To refer your friends, tap on the Profile icon at the top left corner in the Flashfood App, and then select “Earn Money.”

You can share your unique referral link to give your friends and family a $5 discount off their first order.

For every person that you refer who makes their first purchase of $0.50 or more, you will earn $7 in bonus credits.

Any referral credits that you earn can be used toward future orders with Flashfood, and there is no limit to how much you can earn.

In addition, your $7 referral credits will stack together as you invite more friends, so your grocery savings can add up quickly.

If you have ever used the Flashfood App to buy groceries, please feel free to share your user experiences along with your referral codes in the below comments.

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