Pay with GasBuddy: $5 Off First Fill-Up at Almost Any Gas Station + $5 Referral Credits

The GasBuddy gas station payment service, Pay with GasBuddy, is offering a $5 discount off your first fill-up at almost any gas station nationwide, and you’ll receive up to a 25¢/gal discount on all of your fill-ups whenever you use the Pay with GasBuddy Card to pay for your gasoline purchases.

To get $5 off your first gas fill-up, join via this GasBuddy $5 Referral Link and/or enter Referral Code “WE7U2V7” during registration (the referral code is entered after linking your bank account).


Pay with GasBuddy is absolutely free to use, is accepted at almost every gas station nationwide with a few exceptions, and can save you hundreds of dollars annually when you combine Pay with GasBuddy with the GasBuddy app.

The GasBuddy App itself helps you save money on gas by locating the gas stations nearest you with the lowest gasoline prices, while also offering special coupons, sweepstakes, and other ways to save.

Plus, when you enroll in Pay with GasBuddy, either online or in the app, you can save up to 25¢/gal on your fuel fill-ups by using the Pay with GasBuddy Card as your payment card at gas stations nationwide.

There is no credit card application required to use Pay with GasBuddy.

Almost all major fuel retailers accept the Pay with GasBuddy Card with the exception of the following brands: Exxon Mobil, BJ’s, Costco, Sam’s Club, H-E-B, select Walmart stations, and select Arco Stations.


1. Join Pay with GasBuddy for free and securely link your checking account.

2. Visit gas stations nationwide and swipe your card as you would any payment card.

3. Save up to 25¢/gal on every gallon that you buy every day at every gas station, plus get $5 off your first fill-up.


By linking your checking account with your Pay with GasBuddy Card, all of your fuel purchases will be debited directly from your checking account.

This allows gas stations to avoid credit card interchange fees and pass those savings on to you for using Pay with GasBuddy.

When you visit the gas station, you simply insert your Pay with GasBuddy Card to initiate the payment and activate the pump, just like you would with any credit or debit card.


The GasBuddy Referral Program offers a $5 discount to new customers and a $5 credit to current customers.

When you refer your friends to join Pay with GasBuddy, they will receive a $5 discount off their first gas fill-up.

After your referrals complete their first fill-up, you will receive a $5 GasBack credit on your Pay with GasBuddy Card.

This promotion runs through March 31, 2021, so sign up today for unlimited referral bonuses.

Pay with GasBuddy is a great option for saving on your fuel purchases, because it’s accepted nationwide at many gas stations, it’s free to use, and you can also use the GasBuddy app to locate the cheapest gas prices in your neighborhood to get additional savings on your fuel purchases.

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