Knox Financial Review: Turn Real Estate Into An Effortless & Market-Beating Investment Property Promo 2022

Knox Financial ( takes the reigns from landlords and homeowners, turning real estate into hands-off, money-making opportunities. The company manages almost all aspects of ownership, like setting the rental rate, finding tenants, negotiating leases, getting insurance and much more. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Knox Financial.

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Knox Financial Features

Knox Financial was created to help landlords manage their rentals more easily and efficiently, and to provide homeowners with a hands-off way of converting the home they’re moving out of into a rental property. Knox oversees and automates everything from finances to taxes, marketing to renting, and collection to maintenance. The company also offers a rental pricing and projection model to determine the investment rate of return your property will produce over time.

Here’s how Knox Financial works:

  1. Knox assesses your home or other property for its potential as a rental property.
  2. Knox establishes an optimal rent rate, according to local area and market competition.
  3. Knox finds and vets new tenants. They will photograph the property, create attractive listings and show your home effectively. Knox will do background checks to vet interested tenants on multiple factors.
  4. Knox insures and maintains the home, making sure contractors are top-notch. They never pad the price; what Knox pays is what you pay.
  5. Knox handles negotiations quickly, settling issues fairly to your benefit whenever possible.

The results? Higher rental incomes due to minimal waste in real estate management and increased value of the home, all with minimal effort on your part.

Knox Financial Pricing & Fees

Knox charges a flat rate of 10% of the rent collected, which is in line with what traditional property managers charge. This pricing structure means Knox is just as motivated as you to get the most possible cash flow on a consistent basis. It also means you don’t have to pay if your property doesn’t have tenants.

Of course, you’re still responsible for the standard additional costs, such as mortgage, utilities and maintenance.

Knox Financial Limitations

Knox Financial does require a one-year commitment, and all profits are paid out quarterly. That means you’ll need to be prepared to pay three months of mortgage, if applicable, without having received any rental income.

Bottom Line

If you want to build wealth, and avoid the time-consuming aspects of real estate investing, Knox Financial could be a good fit. We recommend their services to those who:

  • Want to move into a new home.
  • Expand their property portfolio.
  • Would rather not be a landlord.

In short, Knox will take on your duties and share (10%) in your success.

You might also be interested in Buildium. It’s an all-in-one platform that manages properties seamlessly. They’re currently offering a 14-day free trial.


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