MAJORITY – Banking for Migrants: $10 Sign-Up Bonus w/$10 Deposit + $50 Direct Deposit Promo + $65 Referral Rewards

MAJORITY provides all-in-one mobile banking for migrants (although everyone is welcome to join), which includes a MAJORITY account, a Visa Debit Card, no-fee money transfers, mobile top-ups, cheap international calls, and personalized support in your language of choice.

For a $5 monthly flat fee, you can access all of MAJORITY’s services, with no minimum deposit, no minimum balance, no overdraft fees, no remittance fees, no mobile top-up fees, and no hidden fees of any kind.

You can enjoy a 30-day free trial to get started, and you can cancel your MAJORITY subscription at any time you choose.

In addition, you can waive the $5 monthly fee if you deposit at least $500 into your MAJORITY account per month via direct deposit or ACH transfer.

To open a MAJORITY account, you simply download the MAJORITY App for iPhone or Android, register for an account, and verify your identity (SSN and photo ID/driver’s license required).

Once approved, you’ll have access to a MAJORITY account with a Visa debit card (no minimum balance, no overdrafts, and FDIC insured), cheap international calling, free or low-cost ATM withdrawals, send top-ups, make money transfer, and more.

MAJORITY Account $10 Sign-Up Bonus

To get a $10 sign-up bonus from MAJORITY, you must join via another member’s referral link (find a current member’s referral link Here). Please feel free to exchange MAJORITY referral links in the below comments as well, so that other readers can benefit from these MAJORITY bonuses.

1. To earn $10, you must join MAJORITY via another user’s referral link.

2. Register for your MAJORITY account to start your 30-day free trial.

3. Deposit a minimum of $10 into your new MAJORITY account (minimum deposit limit is $10).

4. Receive the $10 sign-up bonus in your MAJORITY account.

MAJORITY $50 Direct Deposit Promotion

All new MAJORITY customers can qualify for a $50 bonus when you deposit $50 or more into your MAJORITY account using direct deposit within 30 days of becoming a MAJORITY customer.

To be eligible, your direct deposits must total $50 or more, must be made within 30 days of becoming a MAJORITY customer, and must be electronic direct deposits of regular periodic payments (such as salary, pension, Government Benefits or other monthly income) made into your MAJORITY account by a third party.

Payments made to MAJORITY accounts via ACH, check, credit card, debit card or cash deposit are not eligible for the MAJORITY direct deposit bonus.

The MAJORITY direct deposit promotional offer is valid from December 8, 2020, until termination (check the status of the MAJORITY Direct Deposit Bonus in their FAQs).

This offer is limited to 1 $50 bonus per customer, and it is not valid for MAJORITY customers who have participated in the MAJORITY Payday Promotional Offer.

MAJORITY $65 Referral Rewards Promotion

Once you join MAJORITY, you can refer your friends to MAJORITY and receive up to $65 in referral rewards credited to your MAJORITY account.

When you share your MAJORITY referral link, you’ll get $10 for every friend who signs up and deposits at least $10 into their MAJORITY account.

As an added bonus, you’ll get $15 for your third referred friend and $20 for your fifth referred friend.

You’ll get $10 for your first referral, $10 for your second, $15 for your third, $10 for your fourth, and $20 for your fifth, which is a total of $65 when you successfully refer 5 friends.

Each of your friends will also get a $10 bonus reward after their first deposit of $10 or more, so you both benefit from the MAJORITY referral program.

You are limited to earning only the 5 referral rewards for sharing MAJORITY with your friends, or $65 in total referral credits.

MAJORITY $5 Monthly Fee Waiver Promotion

As a new member, you will receive a 30-day free trial of MAJORITY to get to know their services.

After the 30-day free trial, the MAJORITY membership costs $5 a month and will be renewed every 30 days unless you cancel it.

However, if you deposit $500 via direct deposit or ACH transfer into your MAJORITY account in a month, you will have your MAJORITY subscription fee waived in the following month.

The $500 may be deposited through multiple deposits utilizing direct deposit or ACH transfer, so long as these deposits occur within the same monthly MAJORITY subscription billing cycle.

Once you deposit $500 in any given month, your $5 MAJORITY subscription fee will be waived for the subsequent monthly MAJORITY subscription billing cycle.

To continue to waive the $5 monthly fee, you must make $500 in deposits each month in order to receive the MAJORITY fee waiver for the following monthly MAJORITY subscription billing cycle.

This offer is valid from December 1, 2020, until termination (check the status of the MAJORITY Subscription Fee Waiver in their FAQs).

To try a mobile banking solution for migrants, download the MAJORITY app and earn extra bonus rewards with your MAJORITY account.

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