PFS Buyers Club – Get Paid To Source Items: Earn $100 + $200 Per Deal and $20 Referrals

On Thursday, March 11, 2021, at 12:00 PM ET, the U.S. Mint will release 5 limited edition “American Eagle” products. PFS Buyers Club will run a deal on 2 of the products with a $200 payout for the 4-Coin Set and a $100 payout for the 1 Ounce Gold Eagle coin. To earn $300 in total for these 2 deals, register at now to participate.

PFS Buyers Club provides you with exclusive deals to earn extra money for helping them source limited-edition items.

You simply purchase the item as instructed and have it delivered to your home or office.

You then you ship the item to PFS Buyers Club using a prepaid label that they provide.

After PFS Buyers Club receives the item, you’ll get reimbursed for your original purchase and earn some extra free money on top of that, which will result in a nice profit for you.

You do have to pay for the item with your own money up-front, and that allows you to earn extra credit card rewards when you participate in PFS Buyers Club deals.

It’s absolutely free to become a PFS Buyers Club member, and you’ll get access to future deals that are available on a limited-time basis.

Earn $300 from PFS Buyers Club on Thursday, March 11, 2021

1. On Thursday, March 11, 2021, at 12:00 PM ET, the U.S. Mint will be releasing 5 limited edition “American Eagle” products. PFS will be running a deal on 2 of the products: the 4-Coin Set and the 1 Ounce Gold Eagle coin. Each has a purchase limit of 1 per household, so you’re able to buy 1 of each.

2. The cost of the 4-Coin Set should be either $4,317.50 or $4,410.00 and the cost of the 1 Ounce Gold Eagle should be either $2,325.00 or $2,375.00. The Mint will only be releasing the exact price for these products on Wednesday the 10th, and it will depend on the spot price of Gold over the next couple of days.

3. PFS will be offering a commission of $200.05 for each 4-Coin Set and a commission of $100.05 for each 1 Ounce Gold Eagle coin.

4. You will have each order shipped to your own house or office and then ship it to PFS Buyers Club with a prepaid shipping label that we will provide for you. Each item would need to be purchased as a separate Mint order, as such, each purchase will also have a $4.95 shipping charge.

For all the deal details and terms, as well as the ability to opt in to this deal, please login to your account at and click the “Current Deal” page.

You will be able to opt in to more than 1 order if you have additional Mint accounts, credit cards, and addresses where you can have the coins delivered.

This is also a great opportunity to earn valuable points or miles on your credit cards as well as to meet any spending thresholds.

PFS Buyers Club Referral Program

You can earn extra cash rewards when you refer your friends to participate in a PFS Buyers Club deal.

To share PFS Buyers Club referrals with your friends, just visit the “My Referrals” section in your account to access your unique referral link.

There will be a 1-time referral fee of $20 for the deal running November 5th if your referral (new members only) completes the deal.

If your referral starts but does not complete this deal, or only clicks your referral link after the deal expired, you will not get a referral fee for this deal.

You may still receive a referral fee for a future deal, but the amount will likely differ based on the price of the deal that your referral first completes.

However, you will get paid the fee for the deal that your referral first completes, whatever the fee may be at that time.

There are no limits to the amount of referral fees that you can earn for sharing PFS Buyers Club deals with your friends and family.

Referral fees will not be paid if they are the same member using multiple addresses.

PFS Buyers Club will not pay for referral links posted on deal sites and message boards, but you may still feel free to share your experiences along with your PFS Buyers Club referral links in the comments below this article.

How PFS Buyers Club Works

PFS Buyers Club works with large merchants or Buyers who need hundreds or thousands of limited-edition items, where each individual is only allowed to purchase a certain quantity of the item.

Since purchases of these items are limited, PFS Buyers Club is able to utilize its members like you by combining individual purchases together to fulfill large orders from their Buyers.

PFS Buyers Club is able to earn a spread between what their Buyers will pay them for the items and what they pay you the members for completing the individual orders.

Sign up for the PFS Buyers Club to get paid to buy stuff and help them source limited-edition items.

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