Pool by Cake DeFi – Generate Cash Flow from Crypto: $30 DFI Token Bonus with $50 Deposit

Pool by Cake DeFi helps you generate constant cash flow from your cryptocurrencies with a simple-to-use platform that makes complicated processes like Liquidity Mining, Lapis Services, and Masternodes Staking easily available for everybody.

Basically, by holding your cryptocurrencies with Pool by Cake, you can put them to work through a variety of investment options that earn high interest rates and generate constant cash flow.

Plus, when you sign up via this $30 Cake DeFi Referral Link, you’ll get $30 worth of DFI tokens when you make your first deposit of crypto for $50 or more.

Your $30 worth of DFI will be locked for 180 days, but it will earn a 37% APY during that time, and it can be withdrawn thereafter.

It’s free to sign up for Pool by Cake (KYC verification required), and the user-friendly platform makes it simple to earn cash flow from your crypto holdings.

Pool by Cake Crypto Investing Options

Pool by Cake gives you several options to generate cash flow from your cryptocurrencies:

  • Lapis Services: For a safe way to earn up to an 8% APY on your BTC, ETH and USDT, deposit your crypto in Lapis Batches for 4 weeks at a time, where your principal and returns are fully guaranteed and risk-free with potential bonuses.
  • Masternodes Staking: Without the complexity of running nodes yourself, you can join fully-transparent masternode pools to earn staking yields for up to a 37% APY in real-time.
  • Liquidity Mining: To earn the highest rewards offering up to a 200% APY or more, deposit your crypto into shared liquidity mining pools to mine popular coin pairs with ease.

Get $30 in DFI Tokens from Cake DeFi

1. Join via this $30 Pool by Cake Referral Link and enter Referral Code “186783” during registration.

2. Complete the full KYC verification process (submit images of ID and proof of address).

3. Make your first deposit into Pool by Cake for $50 or more worth of crypto.

4. Immediately receive your $30 bonus worth of DFI tokens deposited into the Pool by Cake Confectionery Program.

5. Your $30 DFI bonus funds will be locked for 180 days and will automatically yield 37% APY staking returns during this time.

6. After the 180-day period, you may trade, withdraw, sell, or continue to stake your bonus funds as you please.

Please note that the standard new user bonus is for $20 worth of DFI, but you will get an extra $10 worth of DFI for $30 in total when you use a referral code.

Pool by Cake “Give $30, Get $10” Referrals

Once you join Pool by Cake, you can get $10 worth of DFI for every referral who makes their first deposit of $50 or more, plus your referrals get $30 worth of DFI, so everybody wins.

Every new user who joins Pool by Cake and makes a first deposit of $50 or more worth of crypto will earn $20 worth of DFI tokens, with or without a referral code.

However, if the new user enters a referral code during sign-up, then both the referrer and referee will receive an extra $10 worth of DFI.

The referral rewards that you earn will be locked and staked in the Confectionery Program for 180 days with a 37% APY.

On top of that, you can get up to 50% of Cake’s earnings as a referral bonus on all Lapis Batch entries from your referrals when you join the Confectionery VIP program.

There are no limits to how many referrals you can have or how much you can earn from Pool by Cake.

If you are looking for an easy way to generate income from your cryptocurrencies, try Pool by Cake DeFi to put your crypto to work for you.

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