Slide App Bonuses: $20 Bonus & Give $20, Get $20 Referral Program Promo 2022

With the Slide app (, you can earn unlimited 4% cash back on your everyday purchases, instantly. It works quickly, in-store and online at over 150+ participating retailers and restaurants. There are no hidden fees, no extra steps and it’s super simple to use. Let’s get into all the nitty-gritty details below.

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Slide $20 Bonus

Use the link below to download the app and get $20.

Slide Referral Program – Give $20, Get $20

Slide now has a referral program where customers can refer friends and get rewarded. Share your referral link with friends via email, text or social media, and for each of their first 4 purchases, both the referrer and their friend will get a $5 Slide credit to apply towards any upcoming purchase.

How Slide Works

Slide is the only mobile payment app that gives unlimited 4% cash back on every purchase at over 150 retailers in 100,000 nationwide locations, including Lowe’s, Ulta Beauty and Chipotle. Here’s how it works:

  1. Shop at a participating merchant, in-store or online.
  2. At checkout, select the store or restaurant in the Slide app and enter your purchase amount, including taxes and/or tip.
  3. Enter the code online or let the cashier scan the barcode in-store.
  4. Select and confirm your payment details. Payment methods include credit and debit cards, Apple Pay or PayPal.
  5. Your payment method will be charged for the amount entered, and you’ll earn 4% cash back instantly.
  6. Once you’ve earned $15 in rewards, you can instantly cash out your funds to Venmo or PayPal, or apply them towards your next Slide purchase.

If you deposit funds to your Slide balance ahead of time, you’ll earn an extra 1% on every purchase, for a total of 5% cash back. This also speeds up the payment process at checkout.

Basically, Slide lets you buy a merchant gift card for a fixed amount, and then use that gift card to make your purchase.

Slide Features

There are plenty of cashback apps out there, like Rakuten (one of my personal favorites), Topcashback and others from similar sites. So what’s the big deal with Slide? Below are eight features that nudge Slide ahead of the competition.

  1. There’s no limit or restrictions on how much 4% cash back you can earn.
  2. Add funds in advance and get an extra 1% cash back, for a total of 5% cash back.
  3. Over 150 brands qualify with no rotating categories nor opt-ins required.
  4. It works for everyday purchases, in-store and online.
  5. It’s quick, easy and contactless, so the payment process at the register or online is over in seconds.
  6. You’ll get real cash, not points. The minimum to withdraw is $15.
  7. There are no extra steps, no scanning receipts or any other special conditions. Simply pay with Slide.
  8. Connect a rewards credit card or Apple Pay to stack your rewards and earn even more.

Slide Limitations

No strong brands. Although there are hundreds of popular merchants on Slide, like Groupon, Southwest, Petco, Panera Bread and DoorDash, you won’t find huge brands like Amazon or Walmart on the Slide app.

Cash out minimum. You need a minimum of $15 in rewards to cash out, but you can use smaller amounts towards a future Slide purchase.

Bottom Line

Slide is a nifty cashback option with up to 5% cash back on many popular stores like Office Depot, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Uber. If you like earning cash on your everyday purchases (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), then you should consider downloading and using Slide.

You could also try your hand at Raise and purchase second-hand gift cards for, most likely, even greater savings. Raise has a rewards program called Raise Cash, but their cashback rate varies and your rewards can only be used toward future Raise purchases.


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