SocialGood Promotions: $30 Bonus & Give $30, Get $30 Referrals Promo 2022

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SocialGood ( is welcoming new users with a $30 bonus in SG (Social Good) tokens (referral link below). You’ll earn an additional $30 worth of tokens for every person who claims their welcome reward using your unique referral link. See our referral promos page for more deals.

The fruits of global economic development often go into the pockets of the already-rich, with stockholders profiting from the money we pay for goods and services. SocialGood aims to change that. It’s a revolutionary blockchain project that benefits all parties: the consumers, the retailers, and society. To learn more about SocialGood and their current offers, keep reading.

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SocialGood Bonus: $30 Welcome Offer

Enjoy a $30 welcome bonus in SocialGood (SG) tokens when you sign up with this referral link (invitation code 3SWF46) and make your first SocialGood purchase of at least $30 within your first 30 days as a member. You can choose to withdraw your SG to a crypto exchange to cash out, or you can hold the token for future value appreciation. You’ll need to sign up via the iOS or Android app.

Be patient, the bonus won’t post to your account until about a month after your qualifying purchase. This offer is valid for new members only.

SocialGood Offer: Give $30, Get $30 Referral Program

Invite your friends to get $30 worth of bonus SG for every person who uses your unique referral link to sign up for a free SocialGood account and make their first purchase of $30 or more within their first 30 days as a member.

To participate, go to the app and tap the “Referrals” button in the top right corner. Copy your code and share it via social media or anywhere you wish. There’s no limit to how many referral bonuses you can earn.

SocialGood Features

Everyone in the SocialGood ecosystem benefits. Consumers like you earn free SG (up to 100% crypto back) simply by shopping as you normally would. Retail partners only pay fees when they sell an item, so there is no risk, no initial costs, and no running costs. As sales continue to increase, users will also increase, as well as SG utility. More value is created and more donations will be made to organizations contributing to society globally.

Over 1,800 retail partners. Including Amazon, Apple,, eBay, Microsoft, Nike,, and TOMS.

Bottom Line

SocialGood aims to reduce global economic disparities and improve society by allowing members to accumulate SG tokens, simply by shopping while using the app. Click the referral link (code 3SWF46) below to get a bonus in SG.

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