UNest – Children’s Savings Plan: $25 Sign-Up Bonus + $15 Referrals

UNest offers parents a flexible children’s savings plan that can be used toward any of your child’s life events like college, their first car, a down payment on a house, their wedding day, or any other future goals.

In just 5 minutes, you can set up a UNest tax-efficient account with personalized investment options based on your child’s age and life goals.

Starting with as little as $25 per month, you can establish a monthly contribution plan to meet your child’s future savings needs.

On the UNest mobile app (iOS and Android), you can keep track of your savings account balance, change contribution plans, and manage transactions.

With their easy gifting option, UNest lets you invite your friends and family to help contribute to your child’s account.

For a flat monthly fee of $3 for 1 child or $6 per month for up to 5 children, you can start a UNest children’s savings plan.

If you need help investing in your child’s future financial wellness, try the UNest savings plan for a flexible and easy-to-use option.

Starting January 27th through February 28, 2021, sign up via this UNest $25 Promotional Link to get a $25 bonus from UNest to kickstart your child’s savings plan.

UNest Child’s Savings Plan Features

  • Start a UNest Child’s Savings Plan with as little as $25/month.
  • Use their Simple Calculator to Establish a Savings Goal.
  • Receive Contribution Gifts from Your Friends and Family.
  • Earn Extra Cash by Shopping from Your Favorite Brands via UNest Rewards.
  • Choose from 5 Investment Options, including Age-Based.
  • View the Account Balance, Change Contribution Plans, and Manage Transactions from Your Mobile Phone.
  • Up to $2,200 in Annual Earnings Grow in a Tax-Advantaged Way – First $1,100 of Earnings are Completely Tax-Free; Next $1,100 are Taxed at Child’s Tax Rate; Anything Exceeding $2,200 Taxed at Parents’ Tax Rate (Only Applicable to Gains and Not the Original Contributions.
  • Children can Access Funds in their UNest Account when they Reach Adulthood. This may be anywhere from 18 to 25, depending on your state’s laws.
  • $3 Per Month Fee for 1 Child, or $6 Per Month for up to 5 Children.
  • UNest Charges No Sales Commission, and the Investment Fund has a 0.1% Annual Fee.
  • UNest is a fully accredited and registered financial advisor regulated by the SEC.
  • Investment Accounts are Held with Apex Clearing Corporation, a third-party SEC registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). This means the investments in your account are protected up to $500,000 in total.
  • Gift funds received but not yet invested are FDIC insured up to $250,000 with First Horizon Bank, Member FDIC.

$25 UNest New Account Bonus

To earn a $25 bonus, visit this UNest $25 Bonus Link and start your new account.

To qualify, you must make your first monthly contribution to your UNest account for a minimum of $25.

This special $25 bonus runs from January 27th through February 28, 2021, when you open a UNest account and make your first contribution ($25 minimum).

You must use the promotional links within this article to qualify for this $25 bonus from UNest.

UNest Give $15, Get $15 Referral Rewards

Once you establish your UNest account, you can participate in the UNest Refer-A-Friend Program to share $15 rewards with your friends and family.

When you refer other parents to UNest, you will each receive a $15 bonus gift in your UNest accounts.

In order to qualify, the referee must open an approved account and make their first investment ($25 minimum).

UNest referral rewards are paid out within 7 to 10 business days of meeting the qualifications.

From time to time, UNest offers special promotional bonuses for referring your friends, like they once offered $150 to invite 2 friends to UNest.

If you are a UNest user, please feel free to share your experiences along with your referral links in the below comments.

Try UNest to invest in your child’s future with an easy-to-use and flexible savings plan.

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