How To Pay On Venmo With Credit Card [Complete Guide 2022]

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Here is the procedure to do so if you’re using the Venmo application:

  • The “Me” option may be accessed by pressing the image of or initials next to your profile photo.
  • Select “Payment Methods” from the “Settings Gear” in the upper right corner.
  • Tap “Add bank or card..” and then “Card” to begin the process of adding a payment method.
  • Now, kindly enter your credit card information.

Use the camera on your smartphone to conveniently and swiftly enter your credit card details. If you’d like, you may manually type in your credit card information and other relevant data. 

After linking your card, you may use Venmo to send funds or make the payments to a business by selecting your card as the mode of payment. It is important to keep in mind that all credit card transactions are entitled to a 3.5% service charge, with the exception of purchases made from certain businesses. 

In case, you are on the computer, follow the below steps to link a credit card to your Venmo account:

  • Click on “Edit payment methods” to make changes.
  • When you’re done, click “Add Debit or Credit Card” and enter your credit card info.

Follow the below steps to pay someone on Venmo with credit card:

  • Simply open the Venmo app on your smartphone or tablet to begin the transaction.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click the payment symbol.
  • You may either choose an existing Venmo friend or link a new one. Venmo id, phone number, or email address are all acceptable methods of contact. The QR code of a Venmo user may also be scanned.
  • Add the amount of the payment. Also incorporate the relevant transaction remark.
  • To make a payment, simply press the Pay button. You’ll be able to check the balance of your Venmo account or the default backup account. 
  • Verify your credit card payment.



Does Venmo Allow Credit Cards ?

The Venmo Credit Card is a Visa branded credit card integrated into the Venmo experience you know and love. With the Venmo Credit Card, you can manage your credit card account right from the Venmo app. The front of the card is printed with your personal Venmo QR code which makes activation a snap and friends can scan the QR code to take them right to your Venmo profile. The Venmo Credit Card allows you to make contactless payments, split your credit card purchases with friends on Venmo, request new virtual card numbers, earn cash back rewards on your purchases

Tell me about Venmo Credit Card Rewards 

 The Venmo Credit Card Rewards program helps you earn cash back rewards on your eligible purchases*. During each statement period, you will:  

  • Earn up to 3% on your top spend category   
  • Earn up to 2% on your second top spend category  
  • Earn 1% on all other eligible purchases and on person-to-person transactions  

Your cash back rewards will be automatically added to your Venmo account at the end of each statement period.

Where can I use the Venmo Credit Card? 

You can use your Venmo Credit Card everywhere Visa credit cards are accepted worldwide. Your Venmo Credit Card can also be used within the Venmo app. The card is automatically added as a payment method in your Venmo app for payments to friends and authorized merchants. Similar to other credit cards, the Venmo Credit Card is subject to Venmo’s standard 3% fee when used to make person-to-person payments.

How do I apply for the Venmo Credit Card?

The Venmo Credit Card is now available for eligible users. Learn more about applying for the Venmo Credit Card.  

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