Vinovest Wine Investing Promotions: 3 Fee-Free Months Bonus & Referrals Promo 2022

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Vinovest is an online platform that lets you invest in fine wines. The company selects, acquires, authenticates, stores, and sells investment-grade wines for you. And if you want to consume your fine wine, they’ll ship it to you too. For more on Vinovest and their current offers, keep reading. More wine-related offers here.

Asset Class Fine wine
Minimum Investment $1,000
Open To… Accredited, non-accredited
Advertised Returns 9% – 12%

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Vinovest Bonus: 3 Fee-Free Months Welcome Offer

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Vinovest Bonus: 3 Fee-Free Months Referrals

Get another three months fee-free for every friend who uses your unique referral link to open and fund a Vinovest Premium or Grand Cru account.

Vinovest Features

Vinovest Offers

In the past, investment-grade wine has outperformed the S&P 500 and other alternative assets, delivering consistent returns over the course of the past few decades. But if you want to invest in wines, you need to have expertise akin to a sommelier, as well as a good amount of cash, connections to acquire the bottles, and facilities to store them properly.

Vinovest makes investing in wine easy and accessible to the average investor. Here’s how:

  • Vinovest curates portfolios of investment-grade, globally-diversified wines that perform consistently and reliably better than gold and cryptocurrency.
  • Vinovest authenticates, stores, and secures your wine. Or, if you choose, they’ll ship your wine to you.
  • Vinovest purchases their wine below retail price, increasing your returns and maximizing your investment.
  • Vinovest ensures a balanced portfolio through their proprietary financial models and historical data.

Your Vinovest portfolio is yours to manage. Buy more, or sell, at any time. If you choose to sell, the company says it typically takes two to four weeks to find buyers.

Vinovest Plans & Pricing

Vinovest offers four different plans: Starter, Plus, Premium, and Grand Cru.

Minimum balance
Annual fee
Storage network
Carbon offset program
Full insurance on wine
Portfolio manager bi-annual reviews
Rare wines & new releases
Wine futures
Customized portfolio options
Rare, auction-only wines
Vinovest wine tasting & events
Vinovest Advisory Council

If you have some experience in fine wine investing, Vinovest lets you construct your own portfolio. This option requires a minimum of $50,000.

Bottom Line

Vinovest is an excellent option if you’re looking to add fine wine to your portfolio. The platform takes care of just about everything, from sourcing and acquisition to storage and portfolio management. All you need is at least $1,000 to invest. Don’t forget to join with this referral link to get three months fee-free.

Masterworks is a similar platform that specializes in fractional shares of fine art.


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