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What Bank. Is Current? Why You Need This IN 2022(Current Reviews)

What Bank. Is Current
What Bank. Is Current

Current is banking app that offers debit Card and mobile app with useful tools online. It has some very unique features, such as fast direct deposits, instant credits for gas holds, special accounts for parents and teens and savings goals. Current basically future of banking.

Current banking also provides various benefits through its account, including faster access to paychecks, spending insights, savings pods and cash back rewards, all without any overdraft fees or minimum balance requirements. 

Best for: Customers who are looking for a rewards debit card, teens and adults.

HOW To Sign Up For CURRENT ?

To make current work for you first you should sign up for a Current account, which take less than 2 mints follow these steps:

  1. Download the app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store (or enter your phone number on Current’s website to be sent a download link)
  2. Provide personal information including your name, phone number, email address, mailing address, and Social Security number
  3. (Optional) Connect Current to a debit card or bank account to fund your account

After signing up, you will be sent a debit card by mail. Your debit card will arrive by USPS within 7-10 business days.

Current Features

what Current has to offer? Below, take a look at some of their popular features to know whether Current is the right banking app for you.

1.Earn points, get cash back

You can earn up to 15x points every time you swipe your card at over 14,000 participating merchants nationwide, which are then redeemable for cash in your Current Account. You can find all offers near you on the map directly in the Current app.


Current offers  Teen account no monthly or annual fee. This account helps give parents the ability to teach their children about spending and savings.

With the Teen account, parents can blacklist certain retailers, set spending limits, and automate allowance payments.


One impressive feature offered by Current is the ability to deposit cash into your account without paying any fees. This is extremely rare in the digital banking world and is usually one of the main drawbacks of banking exclusively online.


Your savings earn no interest past $2,000 per Savings Pod. This is uncommon since digital banks are known for offering customers extremely high APY compared to traditional brick and mortar banks.

Other online banks offer a much higher limit on the number of savings accounts you can open.

Get more when you save with Current. Get Savings with Interest and earn 4.00% APY to maximize every dollar.

5.Current customer services 24/7 Access

Access your money at any time, with no restrictions on moving money in and out of your Savings Pods.

6.No overdraft fees

Current lets you overdraft up to $200¹ with no overdraft fees, so you’re covered. Just set up direct deposit, receive a qualifying deposit, and enable Overdrive™ on your Current Account.

7.Fee Free ATM

You canwithdraw cash without any fees as a Current Account member, you can withdraw your money without any fees at over 40,000 in-network Allpoint ATMs in the U.S.

8.Money tracking

Keeping track of where and how you spend money can be time consuming. Current has you covered with spending insights, budgeting tools, saving pods and more.

9.Mobile check deposit

Any time any where with Current, mobile check deposit comes standard. Simply take a picture of your check in the Current app and we’ll add the funds to your banking account.

10.Send, receive, money for free

Send money to friends and family with Current, you can instantly send and receive money for free to other members on Current when you use your Current ~tag. For secure, fast and free payments, Current has you covered.

Moving at your own pace means being able to pay people online, and move money whenever and wherever you please. Having a solid money sharing app is a must for anyone living on their own terms.


Every account At Current, member privacy and security is of the utmost importance. We have built Current to keep your information safe utilizing the best technology, including EMV chips on all our cards.

.Pause and Resume Transactions.

.Secure Bank Connections.

.Secured Transactions.

.Fingerprint and Face ID lock. deposits

Get paid early with the faster direct deposit with Current, you can get paid up to 2 days early¹ when you sign up for direct deposit with your Current Account. Current is built to give you flexibility, freedom in your life, and faster money.

In today’s world, a lot can happen in 48 hours. Being able to get paid early can be a critical tool in helping you live the way you want to live.

13.Instantly add cash 

Current makes adding cash to your account easy. With a Current Account you can instantly add cash to your account at over 60,000 stores nationwide. There is no need to visit a bank branch or even an ATM.

13.Easy automatic savings

Saving money can be a challenge. Current makes it easy to save money automatically. Set aside money for specific purchases and create savings goals using Saving Pods. And, use round-ups to move a little money to your pods every time you swipe your debit card.

14.Teen Banking

Best banking built for teens. Current gives teens the financial freedom they crave with the security and visibility parents want. With a Current Visa debit card, teens can learn to spend, save, and manage their money better from the start.

Designed for teens

  • check markGet your very own Visa debit card to use as you’d like. 
  • check markUse it wherever you want – online or in-stores.
  • check markLearn to manage and budget money.
  • check markStart saving early & easily with round-ups and Savings Pods.
  • check markGet instant transfers to your account. 
  • check markFill up worry-free with instant gas hold removals with your parent’s Current Account.
  • check markAccess over 40,000 Allpoint ATMs in the U.S.

Built with parents in mind

Teens are covered when it comes to spending, so you can rest easy.

  • check markThere’s no subscription fee or hidden fees.²
  • check markSend instant transfers to your teen’s account. 
  • check markBlock merchants.
  • check markSet limits and get notifications about your teen’s spending.
  • check markAssign chores to complete. 
  • check markAutomate allowance payments.
  • check markAllow multiple family members to add funds.

Current benefits and cons:

benefits of current Cons of current
Stellar 4.00% APY on up to $6,000.No phone-based customer service.
Cash-back rewards program.Depositing cash incurs a fee.
Well-rated mobile apps.ATM fee
No-fee withdrawals at more than 40,000 in-network Allpoint ATMs in the U.S.
Get Paid Up to 2 Days Faster
Free Overdraft Up to $100 with Overdrive™
No Hidden Fees or Minimum Balance
55,000 Free In-Network ATM’s worldwide
Gas Holds Instantly Refunded
Current Reviews


.Google Play ..

“Love it. Easy to use. No hidden fees.”

“Easy to use, looks amazing and love getting my checks two days early³. This app was very much needed.”

.Apple Store

“I absolutely love this card, it’s super easy to sign up and use. Love that it gives me my balance every time I use it!”

About Current Team

The company is planning to launch more features starting next year, including a cash-back system with brands and merchants in. At Current, we’re focused on creating better financial outcomes for people and their unique lives.

Frequently asked questions

What Fees Does Current Charge?

 Current does not charge any other common fees.

  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No overdraft fees — customers also receive up to $100 in fee-free overdrafts with Overdrive
  • No external or internal money transfer fees

How much fee charge on current ATM ?

If you use an out-of-network ATM, you will be subject to a $2.50 fee. International ATM withdrawals come with a $3 fee.

How to Deposit Cash with Current?

  1. Log into the app to locate a cash deposit location near you
  2. Tap “View Barcode” from the map
  3. Show the barcode to a cashier at the checkout counter
  4. Give your money to the cashier
  5. Instantly view your money deposited into your account


There are two ways to contact customer service for Current.

  • Using the chat feature inside the current banking app, where you will be directed by a chatbot to a human representative
  • Filling out a form on the website and waiting for an email response.

Given the lack of direct lines of communication, it’s not surprising that many customers become frustrated with Current customer service when they have issues like suspected identity theft.


Current offers

Basic: No Monthly Fee
Premium: $4.99 per month billed monthly
Teen: No Monthly or Annual Fee

What bank owns current?

Deposited funds are covered by FDIC insurance up to $250,000 through Current’s issuing bank, Choice Financial Group.

What is current bank phone number?

Current have no phone number to contact but their team is available 24/7 and you can chat with one of their agents directly in the Current app by heading to the Support section of your account and tapping Contact Us

What kind of bank is current bank ?

Current is a mobile-only financial technology company that offers banking services through a few account options. 

When does current balance become available?

Depending on both the issuing bank and the receiving bank’s policies, check deposits may take anywhere from one to two days to clear.

How to get your paycheck early?

1.Download the Current app from the App or Play Store.

2.Sign up for a Current Account.

3.Enroll in direct deposit through the Current app.

How to add cash in your current bank account?

1.Open the Current app and go to the Money tab.

2.Find a location near you on the ‘Add Cash’ map.

3Generate a barcode and hand it with your cash to the cashier.

4.Funds are instantly available in your account.

How to use mobile check deposit with Current?

1.Open the Current app and go to the Money tab.

2.Select Add or Move Money, and enter the amount of the check.

3.Take a picture of the front and back of your check.

4.Tap on Confirm to complete your deposit.

How to save automatically with round-ups ?

1.On the Current app, scroll down and tap on Savings Pods. Create a new Pod.

2.Turn on round-ups for the pod so your purchases will be rounded up to the nearest dollar.

3.The difference will be transferred into the pod when the transaction finalizes.

4.Your automated savings will grow and you can use them for future purchases.

How to make teens current bank account ?

1.Parents download the app and sign up for Current.

2.Parents connect a bank account in the app.

3.Teens download Current onto their phone.

4.Parents link the two accounts.

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