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Apex Legends

Respawn finally fixes Apex exploit ALGS players have complained about for weeks

If you were running Fuse in Apex Legends games so you could exploit the interaction ...
Apex Legends

‘Titanfall died for this:’ Apex Legends review-bombed after controversial battle pass changes

EA’s recent decision to stop Apex players buying battle passes with premium currency ...
Apex Legends

All skins in the Apex Legends Void Reckoning event

The newest Apex Legends collection event brings royalty from beyond the realm, as Void ...
Apex Legends

Big TDM mode brings 12v12 chaos to Apex Legends Void Reckoning event

Team Deathmatch just got a whole lot bigger. Apex Legends‘ new Void Reckoning event is ...
Apex Legends

Apex Legends codes (July 2024) : Free skins, Apex Coins and, more

Apex Legends codes are excellent resources for accumulating more items without spending ...
Apex Legends

‘Sucks to say’: Star pro ImperialHal declares Apex Legends is ‘dying’

Apex Legends’ very own “CEO” ImperialHal has today admitted he thinks the battle royale ...
Apex Legends

ALGS player gets $100,000 paycheck for a LAN he didn’t even qualify for

The ALGS Split One Playoffs concluded on Mar. 25, 2024, and the long-overdue payouts are ...
Apex Legends

Apex Legends sees staggering increase in negative reviews following premium battle pass debacle

Changes are coming to the battle pass system in Apex Legends, and the reception is about ...
Apex Legends

Controversial Apex Legends battle pass rework, explained

Respawn Entertainment ignited a firestorm amongst the Apex Legends community when it ...
Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ new battle pass system has players up in arms: ‘This is how you kill the game’

Respawn is changing the way the battle pass works in Apex Legends—and to say players are ...
Apex Legends

All skins in the Apex Legends Double Take collection event

Apex Legends’ latest collection event offers a new look into the Outlands’ favorite ...
Apex Legends

How to fix the “Attempting connection” error in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players often encounter various connection errors that prevent them ...
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