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101 Best Would You Rather Questions

1. The Perfect Icebreaker: Would You Rather Questions for a Memorable Hen Night ...
League of Legends

MSI 2024’s play-in stage schedule pits LoL juggernauts T1 against LATAM underdogs

After a busy opening few months to the year, the first international League of Legends ...

XDefiant players call on Ubisoft to remove “most annoying” feature

Ubisoft’s crossover shooter XDefiant recently hit open beta, giving the community a ...

Yay breaks year-long curse to finally win first VCT Pacific series with Bleed Esports

After a whole year of disappointing finishes, one of North America’s former VALORANT ...
Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade trailer showcases some of the flashiest moves in the game

Stellar Blade is getting ever closer to its release date, and developer Shift Up has ...

CS2 player shows the current state of the game: cheaters singing Macarena and spinbotting

It is no doubt that Counter-Strike 2 has been embroiled in turmoil in the past few ...
League of Legends

LoL players can expect ‘bigger’ cohesive seasonal events after season 14 Void rollout

After the League of Legends community’s theorycrafting machinery crashed on the ground, ...

‘Knows something we don’t’: Only one viewer has perfect VCT Americas Pick’ems, and he’s a pro

Week two for VCT Americas stage one ended on April 16, with just one out of 24,469 ...

Destiny 2 content creator sues former NFL star, gaming org G1 over failure to repay $100K loan

Destiny 2 content creator Jake “GernaderJake” Straus is suing gaming and esports ...

Texas, OpTic will play host for the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend this summer

Green Wall, get ready: The 2024 Call of Duty League Championship Weekend is coming to ...
World of Warcraft

Blizzard outlines plans to completely overhaul Death Knights in WoW The War Within

While every class in World of Warcraft will be receiving extensive updates and balance ...
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