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Twitch addresses subscription cancelation issue, promises to restore lost streaks

After registering several reports of unintentionally canceled subscriptions, Twitch has ...

Five Nights at Freddy’s sequel gets green light after first flick’s $300m success

After the first entry in the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie franchise became a big hit at ...

‘I’d hide with a gun’: Maya’s terrifying 3-year ordeal with secret Twitch stalker

Maya’s Twitch streaming fanbase has rallied around her today after the ...

Huge relief as Ninja tells streaming fans he’s ‘officially cancer free’

Ninja has today shared the positive update his fans and the wider streaming world have ...

Amouranth achieves 10th Twitch ban—and second in 4 days—while getting her nails done

Double digits have been achieved: Amouranth has just been banned on Twitch for the 10th ...

PirateSoftware derails Twitch’s Hype Train again, sets record less than a week after release

Twitch dropped a few big changes to the Hype Train feature on its website on March 27, ...

Even after 5 years, Hasan and Destiny still can’t stand each other

Hasan Piker and Destiny are two of the most popular political streamers on their ...

‘The ingenuity of hot tub streamers can’t be stopped’: Community reacts to new Twitch rules

On March 27, Twitch announced a new guideline change that prohibits prolonged focus on ...

Twitch cracks down on ‘butt streamers’ who were streaming on their private parts

The trend of people streaming on their butts may be forced to end thanks to new ...

XQc finally redeems himself in Counter-Strike with stunning Deagle ace

For the longest time, whenever someone connected streamer xQc and Counter-Strike, only ...

Twitch revamps Hype Trains with exclusive rewards, but you’ll never get them

Twitch has today added even more incentive to get a Hype Train going in your favorite ...

‘I’m still in shock’: Ninja’s warning for fans after skin cancer scare

Popular streaming star and Fortnite icon Tyler Blevins, a.k.a. Ninja, has today warned ...
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