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Ninja hates what streaming has become: ‘Remember when we just used to play video games?’

Ninja has taken a look at the state of Twitch and doesn’t like what he’s seen, ...

Asmongold defends Destiny over ‘asymmetrical’ Kick ban decision

Controversial political commentator and streamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnell was recently ...

Why was Destiny banned from Kick?

Steven “Destiny” Bonnell is one of the most prominent political commentators and ...

Streaming fans call out Kick for double standards over Destiny ban

On July 16, political streamer Destiny was banned from Kick for Hate Speech following ...

Adin Ross pledges to end ‘edgy’ persona as he fights for Twitch comeback

Controversial streamer Adin Ross has this week told fans he wants to “move on” from the ...

You can bid to hangout with Pokimane—if you’re willing to part with over $500K

CDawgVA’s annual charity auction is back, and it’s again proving there are plenty of ...

Twitch breaks all-time peak viewership record on the back of weekend event

Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos’ boxing extravaganza “La Velada del Año IV” catapulted ...

Pokimane breaks her biggest relationship rule to update Twitch fans on breakup

Pokimane has broken one of her longest-standing streaming rules, casually opening up to ...

Jynxzi tearfully defends Sketch after OnlyFans claims: ‘If you don’t support Sketch, don’t support me either’

Twitch streamer Jynxzi has today backed his friend Sketch in an emotional stream ...

Sketch OnlyFans drama, explained – Dot Esports

Over the course of the past day, Twitch streamer Kylie Cox, known as Sketch on the ...

Sketch addresses OnlyFans claims: ‘That was a dark time’

In a stream today to address several claims made online, popular streamer Sketch talked ...

FaZe Banks backs Sketch, calls out ‘weirdos’ amid OnlyFans drama

FaZe Banks has posted in defense of Sketch amid swirling rumors in light of a recent ...
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