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League of Legends

Caedrel slams extreme Karmine Corp LoL fans for ‘disgusting and unacceptable’ behavior

After another controversial event brewing behind the scenes, one of the most popular ...
League of Legends

How to get the Paw Print Poisoner in LoL Swarm

For any speedsters in League of Legends‘ new Swarm game mode, there are several ...
League of Legends

Is LoL Swarm a permanent game mode?

In Patch 14.14, League of Legends introduced a completely new experience—a PvE game mode ...
League of Legends

How to fix lag in LoL Swarm

League of Legends’ Swarm game mode has drawn the attention of casual gamers and hardcore ...
League of Legends

Best Riven build in LoL Swarm

Among the several different champions that you can choose in League of Legends‘ Swarm, ...
League of Legends

How to farm gold in LoL Swarm

Gold in League of Legends Swarm allows you to purchase crucial upgrades, power up your ...
League of Legends

Best Leona build in LoL Swarm

Leona will take you back to the gold old days of Diablo. You’ll be around aimlessly ...
League of Legends

How to unlock Bel’Veth Trials in LoL Swarm

In League of Legends’ Swarm mode, players must complete specific requirements to unlock ...
League of Legends

How to get Echoing Batblades in LoL Swarm

As you test your skills in the new League of Legends Swarm game mode, taking on those ...
League of Legends

Tiered Ranking List for Patch 14.14

Some champions in League of Legends are far stronger than others. For junglers, there ...
League of Legends

How to get more passive slots in LoL Swarm

The new League of Legends game mode, Swarm, can be challenging, and one of the best ways ...
League of Legends

Which LoL champion says, ‘Suprised to see me?’

When the League of Legends champion quote for LoLdle is as mysterious as today’s has ...
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