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Niantic is aware of backlash over Pokémon Go’s new avatars—and it’s taking feedback seriously

After facing immense backlash for the new avatar update in Pokémon Go, Niantic has ...

Pokémon Go datamine reveals new Paldean Pokémon and Go Fest variants likely coming soon

A new Pokémon Go datamine has revealed recently added assets, including a potential ...

Scarlet and Violet players demand changes to ‘misleading’ Shiny Pokémon stat that keeps confusing everyone

Shiny hunting has become a lot easier in recent Pokémon games, but Scarlet and Violet ...

‘Ruined my trainer’: Furious Pokémon Go players bash game’s new avatars, broken visuals

Pokémon Go has officially changed its avatar models, and players across social media are ...

Pokémon’s Van Gogh merch got a big restock—but it’s missing a key TCG card

Pokémon drops new crossover products all the time, but the brand’s partnership with the ...

Pokémon community hails ‘Trans Rights icon’ Amoonguss after VGC player’s transphobic comments

After a well-known Pokémon VGC player was called out for allegedly making transphobic ...

Pokémon Go players brace for ‘visual doomsday’ ahead of big Rediscover content update

Niantic teased something big coming to Pokémon Go soon, and now we know it is a set of ...

Gorgeous Ogerpon Pokémon TCG card is a guaranteed pull in Twilight Masquerade ETB

New cards for the Pokémon TCG Twilight Masquerade set have slowly been revealed by The ...

Pokémon data mines point to second Celesteela form, unused Mega Evolution after years of silence

Rumors of unused Pokémon have flooded the internet since the early days of the ...

‘Best of all time’: Wolfe Glick breaks his own record at major Pokémon Scarlet and Violet tournament

Former world champion Wolfe Glick won yet another title at the Pokémon Scarlet and ...

Pokémon pros say Mega Evolution wouldn’t break Incineroar in Legends: Z-A

Incineroar is no stranger to competitive play, and it proved its dominance once more at ...

Pokémon players have broken Scarlet and Violet’s Item Printer to guarantee rare drops

The last week has been illuminating for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players, with a ...
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