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VALORANT players discuss why Iso’s rework is ‘ruining’ the game

VALORANT Patch 8.11 has been one of the busiest updates in the game’s recent history. ...

‘Negative aura’: VALORANT world champ Boostio defends benched former teammate

NRG made big changes to its VALORANT team, but 100 Thieves’ Boostio isn’t sold on ...

VALORANT players are already turning Abyss into Jett’s playground

With no boundaries on the newest VALORANT map, Abyss, it seemed inevitable that Jett ...

VALORANT players are growing frustrated with broken exploit spot on new map Abyss

Abyss is a very different type of map from what most VALORANT players are accustomed to, ...

VALORANT’s leaked console achievement list looks like a massive grind

We are a couple of days away from VALORANT’s console beta on June 14, which means it’s ...

VALORANT console players are getting the first taste of a much-needed warmup feature

The VALORANT console beta may launch with limited maps and modes compared to the game’s ...

‘Vertigo vibes’: VALORANT players draw comparisons between new map Abyss and a Counter-Strike classic

Riot Games dropped a full cinematic trailer for the upcoming VALORANT map Abyss, ...

Gen.G becomes first APAC team to win a VALORANT international tournament

Gen.G became the first team from the Asia-Pacific region to win a VALORANT Champion Tour ...

Abyss trailer shows off what looks like VALORANT’s most treacherous map yet

Ahead of the full reveal set to take place before the VALORANT Masters Shanghai grand ...

VALORANT console introduces Focus, a new feature to aid hipfire

Alongside the announcement that VALORANT is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, Riot ...

Vanguard anti-cheat features to be adapted for VALORANT console

As part of Riot Games’ plans to bring VALORANT to PS5 and Xbox, the developer has ...

Riot confirms VALORANT won’t have crossplay between PC and console

Riot Games has confirmed that VALORANT will not support cross-play between PC and ...
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