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Yay breaks year-long curse to finally win first VCT Pacific series with Bleed Esports

After a whole year of disappointing finishes, one of North America’s former VALORANT ...

‘Knows something we don’t’: Only one viewer has perfect VCT Americas Pick’ems, and he’s a pro

Week two for VCT Americas stage one ended on April 16, with just one out of 24,469 ...

‘Definitely won’t be meta-changing’: Why VALORANT pros aren’t sold on Clove yet

VALORANT’s newest agent Clove has officially been added to the VCT pool, but pro players ...

New Omen ultimate change gifts indirect buffs to another VALORANT agent

VALORANT Patch 8.07 just recently added a new feature to Omen’s ultimate ability which ...

VALORANT players agree ‘time-wasting’ AFK penalty system needs these big changes

VALORANT players are fed up with the AFK penalty system and agree Riot Games isn’t doing ...

Stinger supremacy? VALORANT players agree on best weapons to use when economy isn’t on your side

Everything seems manageable in a ranked VALORANT game until you don’t have the money for ...

Broken VALORANT select screen is forcing players to lock agents they don’t play

As if the quirks of VALORANT’s ranked games weren’t already enough of a nightmare, Patch ...

Clove added to VCT agent pool, could debut in the hands of VALORANT pro they were ‘made for’

The bugs affecting Clove and the latest VALORANT agent’s ability to participate in ...

VALORANT Patch 8.07 patch notes: All buffs, nerfs, and changes

VALORANT Episode Eight, Act Two is coming to an end soon, but Patch 8.07 is bringing ...

VALORANT players agree one agent is struggling but every possible buff is super unbalanced

Not all VALORANT agents are built to dominate the meta—and Iso is a blaring example of ...

Jinggg returns to pro VALORANT play with surprise Sage pick vs. Gen.G

After a three-month break from competitive VALORANT, one of the world’s most exciting ...

Fnatic snap their worst VALORANT losing streak in 2 years at VCT EMEA 

After dealing with doubters and admittedly eating some of their words early on in the ...
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