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Dota 2

Dota 2’s Crownfall is finally here, but it’s not what anyone expected

Just hours after teasing a lore-filled comic, Valve finally unleashed the Crownfall ...
Dota 2

Dota 2 players stuck in Crownfall waiting room as Valve drops Ascension Day comic tease

Dota 2 players are becoming restless while waiting for the Crownfall patch. Promised for ...
Dota 2

Notorious Dota 2 pro released from team after mafia betting, match-fixing claims

Under-fire Dota 2 pro player Tommy “Taiga” Le has been dropped from South American squad ...
Dota 2

ESL One Birmingham 2024: Schedule, results, streams, and more

Dota 2‘s ESL Pro Tour continues with ESL One Birmingham 2024, with 12 teams converging ...
Dota 2

‘Remove the shard’: Dota 2 fans hungry for new patch really want one hero nerfed

With Elite League all wrapped up last Sunday, the Dota 2 community has turned its ...
Dota 2

OG condemns Taiga’s actions as new evidence of Dota 2 match manipulation emerges

Just weeks after announcing his retirement and pursuing a streaming career on Kick, ...
Dota 2

World’s best Dota 2 star settles gaming’s skill debate by utterly demolishing 5 bottom-ranked fans

From a “broken” ranked system to consistently bad teammates and everything in between, ...
Dota 2

LGD steps away from Dota 2 after an embarrassing open qualifier run

Legendary Dota 2 organization LGD just bounced from the game’s competitive scene after a ...
Dota 2

Valve will finally help you dodge toxic Dota 2 players, but it’s going to cost you

Valve overpromised and under-delivered in terms of events and cosmetics in 2024, but the ...
Dota 2

Not another letter patch: Dota 2 players left disappointed by Patch 7.35d’s small changes

Dota 2 fans were expecting a grand unveiling after months of waiting, but Valve has ...
Dota 2

MinD_ContRoL apologizes to Tundra Esports after sudden Dota 2 break up

Dota 2 veteran Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov retracted his previous comments regarding his ...
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