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XDefiant finally gets a long-awaited classic game mode

A new update finally added the long-awaited Team Deathmatch game mode into XDefiant. The ...

XDefiant to implement fix for slow mastery ranks, which will soon take ‘half as long’

The XDefiant player complaints about a recent change to weapon mastery leveling were ...

XDefiant boss speaks on fix for ‘slower than estimated’ weapon leveling 

One of the main complaints about XDefiant has now been rectified thanks to a new update ...

XDefiant director details hitreg, netcode fixes in latest update

XDefiant’s latest patch went live yesterday morning, targeting issues like ...

XDefiant dev breaks down jump-spamming, bunny-hopping nerfs in Patch Y1S0.3

After multiple complaints around the current meta in XDefiant, Ubisoft developers have ...

XDefiant Y1S0.3 patch finally fixes sniper flinch and jump spamming

The new XDefiant patch, Y1S0.3, finally addresses the issues with snipers and ...

XDefiant finally getting TDM after fans just kept annoying the devs

Ubisoft’s XDefiant is finally getting its hands on the heavily fan-requested Team ...

XDefiant’s first season to feature Rainbow Six faction, ranked mode, and heaps of new content

Following leaks earlier this month, Ubisoft confirmed today that the GSK faction from ...

CoD’s most popular game mode is coming to XDefiant—but fans aren’t convinced

XDefiant takes a lot of things from Call of Duty and puts its own spin on it, including ...

XDefiant reportedly getting popular game mode for season one update

Notorious leaker Rogue | TX shared claims that XDefiant season one will launch with a ...

XDefiant leak points to upcoming crossovers, and one popular franchise could be in the cards

XDefiant has been out for just two weeks, but Ubisoft could already have plans for ...

XDefiant’s ‘buggy’ snipers set to be nerfed as players reach breaking point

If your XDefiant matches are full of sniper players who love to one-shot everyone and ...
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