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How to get Rubysilver Ore in Dark and Darker

Mining ore in Dark and Darker is initially introduced as a quest and is also a great way ...

How to get Demon Blood in Dark and Darker

Obtaining loot is the primary reason for playing Dark and Darker. Getting the rarest ...

Lethal Company Artifice map guide

Annihilating Titan in the threat department, Artifice is the most challenging Moon to ...

Who is Lasso Man in Lethal Company?

The Lasso Man may be the urban legend in the Lethal Company community, but what exactly ...

Where to find and how to beat the Skeleton Champion in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker has a variety of minibosses depending on the dungeon you plan to run, ...

How to find Glowing Blue Ice Eyes in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker has some tricky items you need to find, and none are as rare as the ...

When is the next Dark and Darker wipe?

Dark and Darker resets its servers at the start of a new season to let all ...

How to get and use Lockpicks in Dark and Darker

Sooner or later, you might come across the old Golden or locked chest that won’t let you ...

What is Ancient Scroll used for in Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker has a variety of items you can find while taking part in a run, but none ...

All Gear Score brackets in Dark and Darker

Depending on the quality of gear you have on your character in Dark and Darker, you ...

How to get Moldy Bread in Dark and Darker

Of all the items in Dark and Darker, who would have thought a piece of stale bread would ...

How to emote in Dark and Darker

Sometimes you want to be a bit cheeky or show you mean no harm in Dark and Darker, but ...
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