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Marvel Rivals officially unveils Yggsgard map after accidental debut last week

Gamers excited for the upcoming Overwatch-like, team-based, comic book shooter Marvel ...

Marvel Rivals accidentally teases PS5 and Xbox Series X|S release

Marvel Rivsls has seemingly teased that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of ...

Marvel Snap’s June 2024 season data mine showcases Eternals theme

Every major update in Marvel Snap includes information about future cards and seasons, ...

Marvel Snap’s latest patch just annihilated Alioth and Zabu with hefty nerfs

Marvel Snap’s April 2024 patch was delayed by just one day, but judging by the changes, ...

Marvel Snap’s newest card is an evil discount Captain America who negates power

Marvel Snap’s Thunderbolts season continues with another anti-hero, but this one wears ...

Marvel Rivals accidentally unveils new map and teases a major villain

Marvel Rivals has showcased a detailed look at a new map and teased a major villain ...

It was inevitable: Meta-defining Thanos nerfed again in Marvel Snap’s latest patch

You can give a Mad Titan all of the Infinity Stones, but what he does with them is up to ...

Marvel Snap kicks off Thunderbolts season with 2 powerful new Series 5 additions

Where there’s lightning, there’s thunder, and when there’s an April season in Marvel ...

Marvel Snap’s Thunderbolts-themed season adds 6 new cards, including Red Hulk and White Widow

A bad-guy team-up on a suicide mission? We’ve heard this one before. Meet the ...

Marvel Rivals could easily Thanos snap troubled Overwatch out of existence

After rumblings and reports of a Marvel take on Overwatch in development surfaced, an ...

‘F***ing cool’: Asmongold has already chosen his Marvel Rivals main

Marvel Rivals has created a wealth of excitement in a short space of time after it was ...

Fans dub Marvel Rivals the ‘Overwatch killer’ after just one teaser trailer

It only took one Marvel Rivals trailer for fans to deem it the “Overwatch killer,” and ...
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