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Pink Mercy skin returns to Overwatch 2 for breast cancer fundraiser alongside Rose Gold variant

Another day, another Mercy skin in Overwatch 2. This time, the skin wizards at Blizzard ...

Overwatch 2 season 11 kicks off next week with Super Sentai theme

Remember the days of coming home from school to a snack, a couch, and a TV with your ...

Blizzard adds special Hanzo skin bundle to crowdfund Overwatch’s first Major prize pool

The first Major and offline LAN event for professional Overwatch since the death of the ...

Overwatch 2’s Porsche collab offers up 2 legendary skins, 40,000 battle pass XP in limited-time challenges

It’s time to suit up and drive, Overwatch 2 gamers: The Porsche collaboration is now ...

Overwatch 2 patch notes today: Season 10 midseason patch

Tank mains, this is the Overwatch 2 update you’ve been waiting for. After years of ...

D.Va and Pharah suit up for luxury in Overwatch 2 Porsche skin collab trailer

You’ve seen One Punch Man and Cowboy Bebop, but Overwatch 2’s latest collaboration is ...

Overwatch 2’s tanks to receive massive buff via multiple changes in upcoming midseason patch

Overwatch 2’s tanks have been struggling of late, and Blizzard Entertainment has heard ...

Overwatch 2 April 30 patch notes: Orisa and Venture nerfed

A new Overwatch 2 patch went live today with some rather substantial changes to two ...

Overwatch 2 player’s proposed Marvel collab would be perfect—if not for Marvel Rivals

It feels like Overwatch 2’s collaborations have only scratched the surface as its hero ...

Overwatch 2 profanity controversy grows as player gets banned for saying ‘gg’ and ‘nice shot’

The Overwatch 2 playerbase has been up in arms over the last few days due to Blizzard’s ...

Overwatch 2 cracks down on ‘unapproved peripherals’ allowing mouse, keyboard on console

Cheating is rampant in online games these days, especially free-to-play ones like ...

Overwatch 2 players can now group with friends at any rank—at the risk of hour-long matchmaking

Overwatch 2’s new “wide group” feature, allowing players to group with players at any ...
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