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Fortnite leaks detail potential 2024 roadmap featuring more Star Wars, Marvel, and Snoop Dogg

Fortnite seems to be gearing up for a busy 2024, with the latest leak revealing a ...

LEGO Fortnite is getting an item that lets you tame wild creatures

Tired of having wild animals despawn just when you’re missing that essential ingredient ...

Fortnite players celebrate return of otherworldly Human Bill skin to the store

Fortnite regularly rotates in classic skins to its store, and one of the most popular ...

New Star Wars collab is coming to Fortnite—and LEGO Fortnite is involved too

A new Star Wars collab is right around the corner, revealing one of the worst-kept ...

Fortnite players name the collaborations they want to see next

Fortnite players have taken to social media to name the collaborations they want to see ...

Fortnite devs briefly vault Earthbending after rocky Avatar event launch

Fortnite’s latest collaboration with Avatar: The Last Airbender started from rock bottom ...

Fortnite vaults Olympian Mythics for Avatar ones, and some players are as angry as Kratos

Fortnite’s Greek mythology-themed Myths and Mortals is feeling less “Mythic” today ...

LEGO Fortnite players can finally use their favorite battle royale emote: ‘Best update ever’

Sometimes in video games, there are factors more important than graphics, gameplay, or ...

Fortnite players are baffled this popular Avatar character is missing—but their weapon isn’t

On April 9, the Fortnite and Avatar communities rejoiced, as Fortnite’s massive v29.20 ...

The Fortnite shop is getting a major update—and players already hate it

While everyone’s losing their minds over the Avatar: The Last Airbender collab, Fortnite ...

All Avatar skins and cosmetics in Fortnite (and how much they cost)

Several new, highly-anticipated Avatar: The Last Airbender cosmetics finally hit the ...

For Alderaan! Beloved Star Wars character could be getting another Fortnite skin

Everyone’s favorite Star Wars princess appears to be getting a new skin in Fortnite—if ...
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