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Todd Howard: ‘No rush’ for next Fallout game despite boom in franchise hype

We know the next Fallout game is far off. But some of us felt there was a sliver of a ...

Fallout 76 is finally letting players fulfil all those Ghoul fantasies

Throughout the Fallout franchise, players have never been able to play as a Ghoul—but ...

Fallout Season 2 showrunners promise it’s coming ‘as fast as possible’

Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV series was a huge hit. Fortunately, season two is on its way, ...

First-person Fallout 2 remake made by 100 fan devs now targeting a Steam release

Project Arroyo, the fan-made Fallout 2 remake, is eyeing a Steam release with “fast ...

How to get and use the Manwell Rifle in Fallout 4

Fallout 4‘s next-gen update may have come with a substantial offering of free Creation ...

Phil Spencer’s Fallout 76 camp has apparently been nuked following Xbox studio closures

On May 7, Microsoft closed four studios, Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog ...

Fallout 4: Main quest endings guide

So, you’re finally approaching the end of your journey through the Commonwealth—or maybe ...

Todd Howard has no plans to take Fallout out of its iconic ‘Americana’ setting

Since the launch of the Fallout series, players have been able to explore different ...

Fallout 4’s next-gen update was so bad, players made a mod to remove it

The most recent update to Fallout 4, aimed at upgrading the game for next-gen platforms, ...

Fans of the Fallout TV series are attempting to make their favourite characters in Fallout 4

Amazon’s Fallout TV show has brought new life to the decades-long franchise, and of ...

Fallout 4 topples Helldivers 2 on Steam as Amazon show brings post-apocalypse to new fans

The Fallout show appears to be successful in more ways than one as the decades-long ...

Fallout 4’s next-gen update breaks a vital mod—but players have a solution

Fallout 4’s fiercely anticipated next-gen update has wreaked havoc on the modding ...
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