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Barbie star Margot Robbie’s ‘next blockbuster’ is a Monopoly movie

Margot Robbie produced and starred in one of the biggest cinema hits of 2023, Barbie. ...

‘No validity’: EA denies it was working on Dead Space 2 remake

2023 was one of the best years in the video game industry, thanks to the release of some ...

Divinity Original Sin: The Boardgame: Vast and intimidating, but satisfyingly complex

Larian Studios may now be synonymous with the critically-acclaimed Baldur’s Gate 3, but ...

The Crew player allegedly gets refund 9 years after buying game, following Ubisoft’s server takedown

Ubisoft has recently decided to hit the The Crew killswitch, removing the racing game’s ...

Battlefield 2042’s season 7 will be its last, but devs will continue to support game

Speaking on the future of Battlefield 2042, general manager Byron Beede announced that ...

Beloved game publisher forced to change name and fans are confused

On April 8, the Remnant 2 X page shared a post stating its publisher, Gearbox ...

‘We tried our best’: Friday the 13th: Resurrected scrapped after legal action

The fan-made Friday the 13th: Resurrected mod has officially been scrapped after Horror ...

Ascendant free PC beta key giveaway: Grab a closed beta key now

If you’re desperate to get in on the Ascendant action with a free closed beta key for ...

2023’s phenomenal slate of game releases reportedly outshined in playtime by older titles

Despite 2023 receiving widespread acclaim as one of the best years of new gaming ...

New Eternal Strands game from former BioWare devs melds Monster Hunter with Shadow of the Colossus

Yellow Brick Games, the independent studio that boasts an impressive roster of former ...

Science agrees with your toxic teammates: Some people are just worse at video games

Some people are naturally good at playing video games while others have to practice in ...

Bloodborne Kart sheds branding, reemerges as Nightmare Kart

It’s a tough time to be a Bloodborne fan. Sony seems dead set on keeping it under lock ...
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