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From Elden Ring to God of War, gamers debate which title has the best first boss

There’s nothing like turning on a new video game and experiencing its gameplay for the ...

IOC unanimously votes yes for Olympic Esports Games with massive implications for industry’s future

The 142nd International Olympic Committee session unanimously voted today for the ...

Microsoft could be working on cloud version of Game Pass, ‘exploring potential’ for ad-based tier

Mircosoft has recently gone the extra mile with its Xbox Game Pass service, undergoing a ...

Coral Island update today: Story missing at launch finally added in huge patch

For anyone who has played Coral Island at launch, the “Work in Progress” signs appearing ...

All Nobody Wants to Die endings and how to get them

Living with guilt for all eternity is a fate worse than death and Detective James Karra, ...

How long is Nobody Wants to Die?

If you want to become the top detective but you’re wondering just how much time you need ...

Prolific LoL, Dota 2 voice actor Sam Mowry has passed away

Sam A. Mowry, the voice behind the likes of League of Legends‘ Rhaast, a half-dozen Dota ...

Nobody Wants to Die trophy guide

In this short narrative-rich story with multiple endings, you’re guaranteed to ...

From a broken SNES to Cities Skylines 2’s premium edition, players discuss their worst gaming purchases

Over the years, players have been burned by all manner of bad purchases in gaming, and ...

Soulframe Preludes is coming this year, and sooner than you’d expect

If you’re looking to take a break from the serious soulslike titles that were released ...

Netflix plans a big gaming push with over 80 releases in development

Streaming media company Netflix has revealed a marked investment into the gaming sphere ...

Did Trump’s shooter leave a message on Steam?

On July 13, 2024, Thomas Matthew Crooks allegedly shot former U.S. president and current ...
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