2 LoL champions were picked or banned in almost every MSI 2024 game

Mid-Season Invitational 2024 is over, with Gen.G being crowned champions on May 19 after dismantling Bilibili Gaming in the final. The meta was incredibly diverse, but two champions were present in almost every pick and ban phase.

These two champs are powerful League of Legends AD carries Kalista and Senna. They both dominated the bottom lane meta, though the former was picked as a support three times. The marksmen reached 91 percent pick and ban rates at MSI 2024, according to League stat site, Oracle’s Elixir. When picked for ADC, Kalista recorded a 52 percent win rate, while that number reached a stunning 68 percent for Senna.

Both champs rose to the top due to their unique abilities and scaling. Kalista has a powerful ultimate that lets you engage enemies and save a teammate when needed. Plus, she’s mobile and gets more powerful as the game goes on, like Senna. Senna relies on scaling by picking up Mists, allowing teams to pick an aggressive support like Ornn alongside, elevating the threat of their composition.

Kalista holding her spear in left hand and looking forward.
Kalista was one of the most-contested picks at MSI 2024. Image via Riot Games

Kalista and Senna were the only champions to cross the 90 percent threshhold. In fact, the third champion with the highest presence at the tournament was K’Sante. Despite doing horribly in solo queue, he’s arguably the strongest top laner in the competitive scene as of now. He’s a perfect mix of tank and fighter, making him a dangerous addition to any team in the tournament’s meta. Some fans even started asking Riot Games to delete K’Sante from the game following a few absurd fights at MSI 2024.

Other popular champions were Taliyah, Nautilus, Vi, Ashe and Varus, who all had more than 70 percent pick and ban rates. But only one of them, Ashe, had a win rate of over 50 percent, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

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