2 version-exclusive Pokémon headline Scarlet and Violet’s next raid event and it has players fed-up

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s next Tera Raid event focuses on two more version-exclusive Paradox Pokémon, but players are getting tired of this trend and demand more exciting raids.

From May 24 to 26, five-star Tera Raids for Sandy Shocks will appear in the Paldea region for Scarlet players, and Iron Thorns raids will appear Violet. Despite being version-exclusives, you can challenge both raids and catch both Electric-type Paradox ‘mons by joining online raids hosted by other players. For example, Violet players can join Sandy Shocks raids hosted by Scarlet players, and vice-versa for Iron Thorns raids.

Sandy Shocks and Iron Thorns Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
More Paradox Tera Raids are coming. Image via The Pokémon Company

While these raids are great opportunities for players to catch version-exclusive ‘mons for their Pokédex, it’s getting a little redundant as we cycle through the last few Paradox Pokémon. One player pointed out we still have yet to see Scream Tail, Iron Bundle, Roaring Moon, and Iron Valiant in these special Tera Raids, but other players are craving more exciting raid events for Pokémon that cannot normally be encountered in the game.

One popular request is to bring back Gimmighoul Tera Raids. Yes, Gimmighoul is naturally found on Watchtowers around Paldea, but those are Shiny-locked. The only way to get a Shiny Gimmighoul or Gholdengo was through the special Gimmighoul Tera Raid event back in June and July of last year. On top of being locked, the odds of finding a Shiny Gimmighoul in those raids were quite slim, and players would love another opportunity to hunt them. That would surely catch the interest of Shiny hunters and other players more than Paradox raids that have always been accessible in our games or through trade.

Other players would like to see Tera Raid events lean more toward Legendary Pokémon. Some are asking for the return of the Dialga and Palkia raids, which made me wonder why we haven’t had many Legendary raids outside of those Gen IV Legendaries and Mewtwo. The Mewtwo Tera Raid was notoriously difficult, and we really could use another big challenge like that with a rare Legendary ‘mon as a reward.

But if we really have to continue down the Paradox route, another suggestion was to have Tera Raids for the Paradox counterparts of the Gen II and Gen V Legendary trios: Walking Wake, Raging Bolt, Gouging Fire, Iron Leaves, Iron Boulder, and Iron Crown. We’re currently limited to catching one of these version-exclusives per game, making it even harder to obtain via trade to fill out our Pokédex. We’ve had a few raid events for Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, so it’d be nice to see the rest of them eventually get Tera Raids of their own.

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