5000 and counting: Faker keeps on racking up LCK records

Major milestones and historical feats should never be a surprise when it comes to Faker, and on April 7, the League of Legends GOAT notched another all-time milestone when he collected his 5,000th assist in the LCK, becoming the first player in the Korean league’s history to do so. 

In game two of today’s LCK spring playoff series against Dplus KIA, Faker earned the 5,000th assist of his career in domestic play. He did so playing his signature champion, Azir, with whom he has over 150 games played throughout his career according to League stats site Games of Legends. Faker ended up using Azir in games two and three of the series against Dplus KIA today to help T1 sweep their way into the next round of the bracket. 

Only five other players in LCK history—Lehends, Peanut, Keria, Gorilla, and Deft—have crossed the 4,000-assist threshold, and Faker has nearly 500 more of them than Lehends does, who is second on the all-time rankings among LCK players in the category. 

Faker is currently in his 11th season as a pro, so considering the number of games he’s played in along the way, he reached the milestone by way of sheer volume. Earlier this year, his immense number of games played allowed him to become the first player to reach other LCK milestones, including 600 wins and 3,000 kills. 

Perhaps just as impressive as Faker’s 5,000 career assists is that his teammate, Keria, has 4,140 of them, having only played four full LCK seasons. If he continues to rack up assists at his current pace, he should outrank Faker on the league’s all-time assist leaderboard at some point in the next few years. 

Faker and Keria will have another opportunity to add to their all-time totals when the LCK Spring playoffs continue next week. T1 will face off against Hanwha Life Esports in the lower bracket final, where a chance to face off against Gen.G in the league’s grand final will be on the line. 

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