A new teaser for Apex’s next legend, Alter, drops tomorrow

The next season of Apex Legends is fast approaching. After weeks of teasers and leaks, Respawn is finally giving us our first proper look at the new legend, Alter, in a cinematic scheduled to drop tomorrow at 10am CT.

There isn’t a lot to glean from the thumbnail alone, but the title of the video—Based on a True Story—as well as its description, suggest the mystery of who exactly this new legend actually is will be core to the character’s launch. They’ve already left quite the impression, having tampered with the Urban Assault event’s trailer and defaced the Apex Legends website’s legend pages with a plethora of insults aimed at the other characters.

A green devil-like face appears over Octane's with Vantage and Loba appearing in the background.
Alter has made their presence known long before the trailer drop. Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Thanks to the previous teasers and leaks, we already know quite a bit about Alter. It seems clear that their target in the Apex Games is Horizon, despite the rumored abilities initially leading players to theorize that they were closer to Wraith. The connection was made apparent when Alter left the message “I’m here for you, deary” on Horizon’s legend portrait. However, who Horizon is to Alter is anybody’s guess.

Olympus has also been spotted in the skies of Storm Point in the lead up to season 21’s launch. Map updates are a common sight for Apex season launches, and Olympus is due for a refresh, especially with Alter’s potential connection to it and Horizon. Since Olympus initially appeared over Storm Point, it could be Storm Point lined up for a facelift instead—but with the map having only just gotten an update in season 19, it’s unlikely. A new map, believed to be called District, has also been recently unearthed by leakers, but it isn’t expected to arrive until at least season 22.

For now, Apex players can look forward to finally learning more about Alter tomorrow morning before they hit the game next week.

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