Activision says Black Ops 6 is not a 300 GB download, actually

The news about Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 potentially clocking in at over 300 GB spread quickly after the game’s exciting reveal yesterday, and the discussion spread even faster.

A listing on the Xbox Store for BO6 said that the game’s “approximate size” was a whopping 309.85 GB, which is obviously quite a lot. And the discussion took off from there, with people sounding off on social media about how ridiculous that would be.

player firing gun in black ops 6
Please calm down. Image via Activision

The discourse around it got so bad over the course of just one day that Activision already had to use its @CODUpdates account to clarify that the “approximate size” listing was exactly that, an approximation, just as we reported earlier today.

“The estimated file size currently displayed on the Black Ops 6 pre-order pages does not represent the download size or disk footprint for Black Ops 6,” Activision said on Twitter/X. “The sizes as shown include the full installations of Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, Warzone and all relevant content packs, including all localized languages combined which is not representative of a typical player install experience. Players will be able to download Black Ops 6 at launch without downloading any other Call of Duty titles or all of the language packs. The actual estimation of the Black Ops 6 file size will be available closer to launch.”

It makes sense, because new CoD games now become available through the Call of Duty HQ application, with new titles and modes added as “add-on content” to the existing game. BO6 will be the same and will have facets of the game installable and removable just as easily.

For example, once a player finishes the campaign, it can be uninstalled. This will likely be the biggest file size out of all of them. The same can be done for Zombies mode and Warzone. Still, though, the current file size for MW3 and Warzone on PS5 is over 200 GB, so the game will be quite large regardless… just maybe not as gargantuan as first thought.

BO6 launches later this year on Oct. 25.

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