Adin Ross goes on homophobic rant, encourages viewer to self-harm following Trainwreck argument

Kick streamer TrainwrecksTV got into a heated argument last night with a viewer who accused him of promoting gambling to susceptible people and getting them addicted to it. Eventually, Adin Ross joined the debate with a homophobic, ableist rant and incited the viewer to take his life.

The whole ordeal went down last night, early on May 20, during Trainwreck’s regular stream. The creator was streaming himself playing online poker when a viewer threatened to “beat the ever-living shit” out of him for defending Kick and its alleged relationship with gambling. The viewer also called Trainwreck a “crackhead,” and the streamer eventually invited him to a call for a discussion. Trainwreck defended himself, his choice of content, and Kick, while the viewer continuously accused him of getting people addicted to gambling. After a while, Adin Ross joined the call, labeling the viewer with homophobic slurs several times before repeatedly telling him to “kill himself.”

Adin Ross
Adin Ross is a controversial figure in streaming. Screengrab via Adin Ross on YouTube

“Kill yourself, please die,” Ross said during the heated argument. Another streamer with whom Trainwreck was hosting the poker game, LosPollosTV, had to step in and mute the viewer. “This is getting ridiculous,” he told Ross disapprovingly.

Ross reasoned his sharp reaction with the viewer alleging streamers like Trainwreck and LosPollosTV caused his friend to fall into a gambling addiction. “He’s a grown man,” Ross responded to the viewer. “He gambled it all away. That has nothing to do with you.” Ross continued using slurs throughout, calling the viewer’s friend “a complete fucking retard” who should “take accountability” for his gambling problem.

Kick and its relationship to gambling, as well as its gambling-friendly streaming policy in comparison to Twitch, has been the source of numerous controversies over the years, and it doesn’t seem like those controversies (or the controversies created by Ross) are going away anytime soon.

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