ALGS is experimenting with getting rid of the Dropship start, according to leak

A leaked message from Apex Legends Global Series commissioner John Nelson to ALGS competitors proposed a new spawn system for competitive matches to create a more balanced and fair experience for every pro team.

The leak came from the competitive Apex subreddit on March 29. In the letter to competitors, Nelson wrote the current POI selection process “would be improved if made official with the right structure.” As things stand now, ALGS teams reach a general understanding through scrims and prior communication about where other trios land from the Dropship. However, there are some instances where teams will land at the same location, and the ALGS commissioner believes “those situations are to the detriment of both teams,” according to the leaked message, because the outcome gets decided by random factors such as who gets better loot in a short span of time.

It’s all up to the pros now. Photo by Joe Brady via ALGS

“The last team to touch the ground is at a significant disadvantage” if their preferred POI spawn is toward the end of the Dropship path because it gives them less time to find loot, the message said. Those unlucky teams will also most likely have to quickly run across the map to reach the next circle, putting them a step behind everyone else. In response, Apex added the Preset Spawn System to the battle royale in an update on March 26 to give pro players a chance to test the feature in private matches.

For the Preset Spawn System, ALGS teams will reportedly do a draft, with teams selecting drop spots and draft order randomly selected, and each trio will spawn at a preset height above their POI. According to Nelson’s leaked memo, all teams will get to select towards the front, in the middle, and at the end of the draft for the first nine days of regular seasons of matches. After that, draft order will be decided by performance, with better performing teams picking where they land first. Only one team will spawn at each of the possible 29 landing locations. According to the memo, Nelson hopes to implement this system starting with Split Two of the ALGS Pro League.

“We also believe it will serve as a greater test of skill given the expected result is a more varied list of landing spots per team,” Nelson said. “Teams will need to be able to efficiently loot, rotate, and win from more locations.” Pro players will ultimately have the final decision if they decide to use the new system or not.

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