All Clove agent gear in VALORANT

Clove, VALORANT‘s newest agent, is finally taking center stage and taking over the fight—and is bringing some beautifully designed agent gear to help fancy up your look before jumping into the fray.

The Scottish troublemaker is a Controller that has a whole slew of new abilities that are equal parts terrific and terrifying, depending on which side of the battlefield you’re on. They have smokes that they can use while dead, they have a self-resurrect as an ultimate and even more tricks up their sleeve that should confuse enemies and delight their friends as they climb the ranked ladder.

If you’re looking for some new gear to show off while you blast away your enemies, here are all of Clove’s agent gear in VALORANT.

Full Clove agent gear list in VALORANT

Clove has two agent cards, a silver and purple butterfly gun buddy, three different sprays, and a unique agent Ghost skin at the end of their item path. If you’re a big fan of Clove and their playstyle, you can also look the part with a plethora of different goodies at your disposal, but you’ll need to do a bit of grinding.

Agent Card


Flutter Ghost

The Flutter Ghost in VALORANT
Out of the cocoon, into the winner’s circle. Image via Riot Games

Metal Wings gun buddy

Metal Wings buddy in VALORANT
Take flight. Image via Riot Games

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