All Monopoly GO Sightseeing Sprint rewards across 30 milestones

A new Monopoly GO one-day event called Sightseeing Sprint has dropped 30 milestone rewards, featuring over 1,500 Ice Cream Partners tokens and up to 4,420 dice rolls. The tournament also features flash events like High Roller and Mega Heist.

Here’s every Monopoly GO Sightseeing Sprint reward for the July 10 to 11 tournament event.

Full list of every Monopoly GO Sightseeing Sprint rewards and milestones

Sightseeing Sprint milestones Points to unlock milestones Sightseeing Sprint rewards
One 45 120 Ice Cream Partners tokens
Two 55 50 Dice rolls
Three 80 Green Sticker pack
Four 90 140 Ice Cream Partners tokens
Five 120 90 Dice rolls
Six 150 High Roller for five minutes
Seven 140 160 Ice Cream Partners tokens
Eight 200 Orange Sticker pack
Nine 250 180 Dice rolls
10 230 Pink Sticker pack
11 260 Cash
12 275 180 Ice Cream Partners tokens
13 300 Blue Sticker pack
14 400 Cash
15 400 250 Dice rolls
16 450 280 Ice Cream Partners tokens
17 500 Mega Heist for 25 minutes
18 600 Cash
19 700 400 Dice rolls
20 800 Blue Sticker pack
21 900 400 Ice Cream Partners tokens
22 1,000 Cash
23 1,200 650 Dice rolls
24 1,300 Cash
25 1,800 Blue Sticker pack
26 2,000 1,100 Dice rolls
27 1,500 Cash Boost for 10 minutes
28 2,500 500 Ice Cream Partners tokens
29 2,600 Cash
30 3,200 1,700 Dice rolls

What are the best Monopoly GO Sightseeing Sprint rewards?

The rewards I’m chasing the most are Ice Cream Partners tokens, but also the extra Blue Sticker pack that Scoplely has dropped in the Monopoly GO Sightseeing Sprint event. The first Blue Sticker pack is much easier to reach than normal, located at milestone 13, followed by drops at milestones 20 and 25.

I’m also chasing the flash events High Roller and Mega Heist. The High Roller event will boost your points earned for the tournament and Vacation Voyage.

How Monopoly GO Sightseeing Sprint milestone reward points work

All milestone points for Sightseeing Sprint are rewarded upon landing on a Railroad Monopoly GO tile. One of two mini-games (Shutdown or Bank Heist) will open, granting points based on performance.

Sightseeing Sprint Shutdown

  • Blocked: Earn two points
  • Smash Landmark: Earn four points

Sightseeing Sprint Bank Heist

  • Silver coin Heist: Earn four points
  • Cash Heist: Earn six points
  • Ring Bankrupt Heist: Earn eight points

All Sightseeing Sprint mini-game points from Shutdown and Bank Heist can be increased by raising the dice multiplier. Check the daily timed Monopoly GO events to maximize your reward points. A Mega Heist, for example, grants 10 points for Gold Bar Bankrupt. If a Mega Heist is already active and a timed Mega Heist starts, the duration of the flash event will be increased.

A Shutdown will appear as a mini-game more often than a Bank Heist, so be sure to check your friends for damaged Landmarks to maximize your points.

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