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Starry Studios’ Once Human offers an excellent supernatural survival experience curated for players who love to take on spooky and difficult challenges. If its success made you curious enough to wonder whether the game is available on your platform, it won’t appear everywhere.

There are only a handful of platforms where you can play Once Human. Although that might prevent some from enjoying the game, there’s a chance Starry Studios could be bringing it to other platforms. It all comes down to the game’s success and whether its popularity remains intact in the weeks and months after the launch.

Is Once Human on PC?

A player looking at a destructive scene in Once Human
It’s epic. Screenshot by Dot Esports

With the game’s official release, we can confirm that Once Human is available on PC. You can download it at your leisure on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It is a free-to-play game, so you don’t have to pay any money to check it out.

You’ll have the chance to pop into the game, try it out with your friends if you’re playing on the same server, and take on many of the supernatural forces awaiting you. You may want to make sure the servers are working for you, as many excited Once Human players are stuck in a queue, awaiting their chance to get into the game.

So far, beyond PC players, Starry Studios has confirmed they’re planning a mobile release of Once Human. You can pre-register for it on your Android, or check it out on the Apple Store. The Apple Store details the game potentially dropping for mobile players on Sep. 26, but the developer has not confirmed it.

Is Once Human on PlayStation or Xbox?

We can confirm that Once Human is not available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, or Xbox One consoles. There have been rumors that the developer might bring it to consoles, but only if the game does well on PC and mobile devices. It boils down to whether the team has the bandwidth and sees the potential return on this investment.

Developer Starry Studios hasn’t mentioned anything about an upcoming console port, but given the success of its beta phase, it doesn’t seem impossible. Porting games requires considerable resources for development and testing, so the developer’s decision to focus on one platform is understandable. 

Is Once Human on Nintendo Switch? 

No, Once Human is not available to play on Nintendo Switch. Even if they consider ports for PlayStation and Xbox, developers usually shy away from investing in a Switch version of their games—unless they see a lot of potential in the market. 

With Once Human, it’s difficult to predict whether Starry Studios will ever bring it to Switch, especially because it’s only exclusive to PC. We may know more about its future when the game officially launches in the third quarter 2024. 

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