All PTG: The Knockouts Upgrade SBC rewards in EA FC 24

Path to Glory: The Knockouts hit EA FC 24 Ultimate Team on July 5, right before the start of the quarter-finals at Euro 2024 and Copa America. Now EA FC 24 players get one last chance at a PTG: The Knockouts player ahead of the tournament finals.

The Festival of Football started with a Path to Glory launch right before the group stage of Euro 2024. The second team, dubbed The Knockouts, came in tune with the quarter-finals and contained the best version of Cristiano Ronaldo in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. Now players get the chance to obtain it thanks to the PTG: The Knockouts Upgrade SBC, with the mandatory heavy dosage of luck of course.

What are the PTG: The Knockouts Upgrade SBC rewards?

The grand prize for completing the PTG: The Knockouts Upgrade SBC is a pack containing one Path to Glory: The Knockouts player. You also get a couple of consolation packs to boot for submitting each of the two squads required for this challenge—a Mixed Players pack, and a Premium Electrum Players pack.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating after scoring a goal.
The PTG: The Knockouts version of Ronaldo is so strong it will bring you back to the Real Madrid glory days. Image via EA

How to complete the PTG: The Knockouts Upgrade SBC

You are required to submit two squads for this SBC. The requirements are a bit upside down, with the squad mandating a lower average OVR rating and also demanding a TOTS or TOTW player. This is actually better for the player’s pockets, so as unintuitive as it is, we’re welcoming it with open arms.

  • 84-rated squad – Min. 84 OVR, min. one TOTS or TOTW player
  • 87-rated squad – Min. 87 OVR

The whole ordeal will cost you just about 100,000 coins.

Is doing the PTG: The Knockouts Upgrade SBC worth it?

PTG: The Knockouts Upgrade SBC is as fifty-fifty as it gets. Exactly half of the players would be a net positive and half a net negative. The sad reality is that the Copa America portion of The Knockouts release was so poor that you’re basically left crossing your fingers that you get a Euro 2024 player from this SBC.

Still, the chance to snatch multi-million cards, not to mention phenomenal additions to any FUT squad, like Ronaldo, Griezmann, and Camavinga, is well worth the moderate 100,000 coins investment, especially this late into the season. What else are you saving your fodder for?

One occasion could be the upcoming Team of the Tournament release, which we expect to hit Ultimate Team on July 12. It’s unlikely to see Ronaldo make an appearance there, so PTG: The Knockouts might as well be your last shot at slotting the legend into your EA FC 24 lineup.

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