All Royale High Halo answers – Summer 2024 (Tidalglow Halo)

The Tidalglow Halo is incredibly difficult to get in Royale High unless the Roblox game grants you lots of luck. You can try to earn it regularly through the Dream Pool adventures, where you need to respond with the correct Halo answers.

Whether or not you get a Tidalglow Halo is entirely based on luck, but you can ensure you at least have a shot if you select answers that have a chance of granting you this rare item. Here are all the Roblox Royale High answers for the Tidalglow Halo Summer 2024 event.

All Roblox Royale High Tidalglow Halo Summer 2024 answers

Completing an adventure to try and earn a Tidalglow Halo in Royale High.
Embark on some adventures for a chance to earn the Tidalglow Halo. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Here are all of the adventures you may come across at the Dream Fountain and the correct answers to pick to have a chance of obtaining the Tidalglow Halo in Royale High‘s Summer 2024 event.

Adventure author Theme Prompt Halo chance answer
qzvlad Student store “Deliberating over which one to visit first, you pick the…” “Colorful slushie bar!”
StarlitWish Tidalglow camp “After asking around, you decide to check out the…” “Mysterious murky lake!”
RubyDaMemeyPotato Red crab “In search of the culprit, you lower your gaze and lock eyes with a little red crab atop your castle! Do you…” “Apologize for startling him!”
NotChrxsii Aquatic activities “You ponder for a moment and decide to go…” “Sailing with Captain Whiskers!”
ammeiry Face painting “Upon admiring all the possible options, you select the…” “Squiggly algae!”
balina3456 Distinct melodies “Captivated, you choose to follow the melody that sounds…” “Miraculously mysterious!”
tsubaois Trail of seashells “You make your way through the field of kelp and find multiple paths before you, you decide to go to the…” “Lonely sunken ship!”
Chizu_Pann Arts & crafts competition “Surveying the room around, you decide to use the materials to create a…” “Gentle sunset painting!”
Pageant themes “Happily, you look through all the themes and pick your favorite…” “Whimsical waves!” or “Standout sunshine!”
LUVXEMILY44 Vegan food trucks “You decide to try the one selling the…” “Shimmering smoothie bowls!” or “Magical mermaid milkshakes!”
Inxanitiy Ancient Tidalglow spells “You decide you want to try out a spell for yourself, and you decide to try and cast the spell titled…” “Mysterious mermaid treasure!” or “Magical mermaid morph!”
NanaTheFlyingBanana Diana’s detergents “You decide to sample one of the four bottles, out of the four colored bottles, you choose the bottle titled…” “Radiant pink pearls!”
Sopheru and
Murals portals “The murals summon four portals before your very eyes, you choose the portal of the…” “Pleasant pink-haired mermaid!” or “Bewitching blue-haired mermaid!”
Riraika and
Ice fairy “In an effort to show him the brighter side of the sunny season, you invite the ice fairy to partake in a day of…” “Eating ice cream from stalls at the dorms!”
sxwyersoy Enchanted items “Bewildered, you stare at the items laid out in a neat row in front of you, and you reach for the…” “Calming clamshell!”

All the answers you can choose in the Tidalglow Halo Summer 2024 event grant rewards, but if you want to earn this rare item yourself, you must pick the specific answers listed here to have a chance of obtaining one.

For each adventure, all of the possible rewards you can earn are as follows:

  • Tidalglow Halo.
  • A random number of Diamonds is gained.
  • A random number of Diamonds is taken away.
  • Experience.
  • Nothing.

How to get a Tidalglow Halo in Royale High

Preparing to make a wish at the Dream Fountain in Royale High.
Visit the Dream Fountain as often as you can. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Unfortunately for gamers, there’s no way to guarantee you get a Tidalglow Halo in Royale High, which means your best bet is to just keep going on adventures at the Dream Fountain whenever you can while always picking the answers listed here to have a chance at finding one.

While you’re navigating through Royale High, it’s also crucial you know how to get another Elemental Studies Book, how to complete the Nap Time quest, and how to get a textbook for the study by the Dream Fountain quest.

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