Amouranth achieves 10th Twitch ban—and second in 4 days—while getting her nails done

Double digits have been achieved: Amouranth has just been banned on Twitch for the 10th time, according to StreamerBans.

Amouranth remains live on her Kick channel after the ban, with a stream title of “FEET GUYS STAND UP” as she gets a manicure and pedicure at a nail salon. It’s not readily apparent what the reasoning is for her latest in a long line of bans.

Amouranth winking to the camera
She’ll be doing just fine, still. Photo via Amouranth

Amouranth announced she was leaving Twitch for a big payday at Kick last June, and as of now it says that her Twitch channel “is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service,” which is a default message for temporary bans.

After 10 bans, it remains to be seen if Amouranth’s involuntary hiatus will become permanent, but this is her second ban in just four days after a short one just a few days ago on March 30 that lasted under three hours. After her March 30 ban, the streamer tweeted that “since I was banned on Twitch, my [OnlyFans] is free right now,” while reposting a video of her licking and sucking on a popsicle. She has not posted about the latest ban at the time of writing.

Most recently, Amouranth made news for launching an AI chatbot that roleplays as the streamer that’s based on her personality and “has full autonomy and can remember what you tell her” earlier this year. After receiving backlash for it, she responded by saying that “it’s therapeutic” for users.

The replies to StreamerBans’ post were unsurprisingly filled with many wondering what the latest ban was for, wondering why her ban has not become permanent yet, and making jokes about how quickly she will be unbanned this time.

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