Another Pokémon Go Fest 2024 datamine reveals interesting details about in-person research events

The latest Pokemon Go Fest 2024 datamine includes text for in-game missions at in-person Go Fest events like Madrid, Sendai, and New York.

As reported by PokémonGoHub, the datamine mainly focuses on texts found in the game’s files for Go Fest’s in-person events. Nothing was discovered for the global event. Instead, it focuses on a few key details. For those not wanting to read through broken text lines, don’t worry. There are only a few details you need to know about.

The biggest thing that caught our eye from the text dump was the inclusion of specific Pokémon at each event as rewards for Party Play challenges and following Routes. These are the three Pokémon making their Shiny debuts at each in-person event, with Emolga getting unique encounters at Sendai, Crabrawler at Madrid, and Ducklett in New York.

Equally, there’s a list of the different habitats available at the in-person events, such as Lake Garden, Ghostly Woods, and more. We don’t know where these habitats will appear, though, as they could be for any region, but each has its own encounter rewards like previous Pokémon Go Fest events.

Lastly, the only minor takeaway from this datamine is the split between the Park and City experiences. It appears the Park experience will have a six-part questline while the City will have a five-part one, likely leading to encounters with Marshadow and a Shiny Ultra Beast Pokémon. Both of these have already been confirmed.

As with all datamines, take this with a pinch of salt. Most of the text is still broken and has odd dates in the coding, with some reading as 2014 instead of 2024. So it’s hard to tell what might be real and what is a placeholder until the events begin from May 30 onwards.

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