Apex Legends’ polarizing Solos mode confirmed to return next season

After a nearly five-year absence, Respawn has confirmed that Solos mode is returning to Apex Legends with the launch of the game’s next season, Upheaval.

The mode’s return has been confirmed by a mention on the next season’s splash page: “Stand alone in Solos. It’s every Legend for themselves, and all eyes are on you.” The image also features the next new member of the roster, Alter.

Apex Legends' alter on a promotional image for the return of Solos mode.
Could the new Legend be more oriented towards Solos play? Image via Respawn.

It’s unclear currently whether Solos is returning as a permanent addition to Apex Legends or if it is making a brief return as a limited-time game mode. Solos was first introduced in the Iron Crown Collection event in August 2019, but just for a short time as a way to receive feedback before deciding its future status.

While the Solos mode from five years back was very popular among players, it wasn’t really in a state where Respawn could justify keeping it in-game. A glaring issue was the prevalence of players teaming up and immediately defeating the purpose of a solo mode. Respawn’s attitude toward Solos after its limited run did not inspire much hope that it would ever return permanently, as the developers stated that the Legends were purposely designed to complement each other as part of a team. Many players shared the same idea as well.

Although several members of the Apex Legends‘ roster would be less useful in a Solos mode, many of the game’s battle royale brethren, such as Fortnite and Call of Duty, have embraced a solo mode of some kind, providing players relief and refuge from queueing with randomly assigned teammates.

More information about the game’s next season, Upheaval, is expected to be announced when the season’s official gameplay trailer is revealed on May 3.

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