Best healer class in Tarisland

You’ll face many tough battles in Tarisland and the key to getting through most of them is having a reliable healer who is always ready to provide superb support. This means you need to know what the best healer class is.

There are lots of classes to choose from, which can make it tricky to determine which ones are worth playing and which ones possess healing capabilities. If you’re seeking some strong healing, here’s what you need to know about the best healer class in Tarisland.

What’s the best healing class in Tarisland?

A Phantom Necromancer in Tarisland.
Phantom Necromancer is the best bet overall. Image via Tencent

The best healer class in Tarisland varies depending on what type of combat situation you’re dealing with. But overall, it’s usually a Phantom Necromancer when it’s solely the best healing you’re after. Phantom Necromancers are the most versatile healing units overall, although they’re not the best class that can heal.

This class has the strongest single-target healing you can get. Phantom Necromancers AoE healing is the least effective out of the available healers, but the rest of their healing capabilities far surpass the other options, which makes them the best healers overall.

Out of the available healing classes, Phantom Necromancers are the toughest to master, which means you might not want to choose them as your starting class even though they do supply the best healing.

Although Phantom Necromancers are the general best healers of the nine classes based solely on healing, both Priests and Bards can be better healing units for certain situations. Phantom Necromancers are the most reliable and flexible healing units overall, but they can be outperformed by the other two healing classes in some circumstances.

Here’s a breakdown of how each unit performs for different healing scenarios plus their overall damage potential.

Class Single-target healing AoE healing PvP healing PvE healing DPS
Phantom Necromancer A A A S B
Priest C S+ S S B
Bard B S B S S+

If you’re seeking the best healing unit that’s also one of the best classes overall, you’ll want a Bard instead. Bards provide extremely powerful AoE healing and decent single-target healing, which makes them great options for PvE battles. Out of the three healer classes, Bards are the most powerful unit that can also heal, although they’re not as flexible as Phantom Necromancers.

Priests are the absolute best AoE healing units, which makes them strong allies for PvP battles against other players. Their single-target healing is the weakest overall, though, so you’ll generally only want a Priest for combat situations that call for massive burst healing. Priests are the easiest class to master of the three.

A Priest flying in Tarisland.
Priests aren’t great for focused healing but they do excel at AoE healing. Screenshot by Dot Esports

None of the healing classes are bad, but Phantom Necromancers are the overall most versatile and useful since they supply reliable and potent healing that works well in any combat situation. You can’t go wrong with any of the three healing classes, though, so it’s a good idea to try all of them out to see which one you end up liking best.

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